Sunday, August 19, 2007

Boring Sunday.
The weather is so HOT.
Keep myself in air-conditioned room whole day long.
Every year around this period,
haze problem strike our place here in Kuching .
It's caused by smoke from open burning & clearing of lands in Indonesia
blew arcoss the country nearby.

Years back,
Schools were closed for a week due to heavy haze.
Even flights were cancelled.
Public were required to wear mask & no open burning.


Flipping through the August CLEO Magazine.
I've found this.
"I blew RM 80,000 on my wedding, then we split up"
Common in today's world huh?
The couple from that articles, still paying off the loan
even after they got divorced.
Oh my....
It's really a huge sum for wedding.
Expensive wedding that didnt last long.

One of the famous expensive & fancy celebrity weddings i know is

Carmen Electra & Dave Navarro.
An actress/model & a rock guitarist.

They had their wedding preparations on the MTV series.
The theme of "Till death do us part",
photo of them lying on strecthers in a morgue & in nude
become their invitations cards.

cool invitation cards huh?

I dont wish to post up photos of it in my blog.
Some readers may not like it at all.
But, you still can view it from

They even held a joing bachelor/bachelorette party in Las Vegas.
Wild. Girls around topless.

I wanna go Las Vegas casino!! Not to the topless clubs.

The wedding where it took place in St Regis hotel

was transformed into a Garden of Eden.
Love it the enchanted garden but not the serpent.

Their 4-tiers wedding cake was bedecked with Swarovski crystals.

Oh-my, crystals!!! I myself adore Swarovski crystals very much (:

Unfortunately, they were separated.
So sad.
This shows love & marriage, totally different.
To love & be loved is easy.
To live a liftime together & committed to each other is not easy at all.

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