Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Trying to keep my pace with the time lately.
Packed schedules with works, gym workouts, piano classes & catch up with friends.
And I can't believe its APRIL already!!!

Hubby got back to Malaysia end of January,
since too near Chinese New Year celebration,
both too busy with preparation, friends meet up & family gatherings.
We took a week of holiday on the 5th day of CNY to sunny beaches of Thailand.
I'm back on my own again after sending Hubby off the next day of Chap Goh Meh.

Turned 26 on 8 March.
This year, not much celebration or cakes I used to have in early years.
Maybe age does matter, I'm too old for that perhaps.
I didn't bother to take much photos of my 26 eithers.

Now I have to work hard for my piano performance exam in June.
I take 8 months to work on it and I hope I can score it well too.
My teacher told me that others mostly take a year or two to complete everything.
So thats how tough it is for me.

Started to plan my upcoming trip to Vietnam with the girls.
And my much later trip in September to Hubby's place.
And another trip in December! more sun, sand & sea.
Cancelled the Europe trip for another time.

Talking about holidays, I totally lose control in my dreams.
I have too many things to accomplished before I have kids or too old for that!

My current top obsession:

1.  Witness the Aurora Borealis, Iceland.

2.  Overwater zip lining 2600ft at Labadee, Haiti.

3.  Skydive, Dubai

4.  Caving, Mexico

5.  Tour the Europe in a month

6.  Hiking, Nepal

7.  Experience the culture & altitude difference, Tibet

8.  Visit the Mayan ruins (one of the new7 wonders of the world), Mexico

9.  Caribbean islands turquoise clear water

10.  Visit Christ the Redeemer, Rio, Brazil

11.  The vibrant busy New York City!!!!! (And, lastly!)

photo credits to Google :)

They say, 

If your dreams don't scare you, they are not big enough. SOOOOOOO TRUE!!!

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Vincent Quek said...

It's about time you started blogging again! Don't stay away too long next time, Sylvia. Good post and great pics. And I love the way you dream. Keep it up!

s y l v i a said...

Yeah, try to squeeze time for blogging! I've been hiatus here too long! Endless dreams partly because I'm a pisces (horoscope)? lol!

Vincent Quek said...

...and by the way, 26 is not old!

s y l v i a said...

4 more years before hitting the 3-0 is old enough for me! lol! which means kids soon, and it will be all bout kids! plus not enough fund for travel? lol