Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Home in Te Puke, Part II

Yeah, I'm still going to blog about New Zealand.
I guess my heart & soul didn't really hop on to the plane, LOL!
And of course, one of the best medicine for my stress brain machine.

Well, after moving out from Cabin, we found a place introduced by my ex-manager, Ms. Tan (She's on working holiday too with her hubby!). 

Situated at Dunlop Road, just 5 minutes walk to the town centre.
It's near winter, so the rent is NZD$ 100 per pax & week including utilities, internet. Two rooms available.

Visited this lovely cozy house! And agreed to move in immediately after a couple moving out to do their travelling down south.

Here, let's the pictures do the talking (:

Exterior of the place:

Front part of the house

The carpark area at the shed. SPOT my favourite cherry blossom tree behind!

Interior of the place:

The common room

The dining & kitchen together. We all spent the most time here.

A built in cupboard, actually looks like a wardrobe. For utensils, containers storage beside the kitchen.

One corner of the common area.

The Laundry area. A dryer, basin & washing machine. Too cold in winter, so we are encouraged to use the dryer.

Landlady have their own bathroom at the other side of the house. So this  bathroom is for us, renting the place (:
I actually felt relieve while taking my 1st shower there, clean and uninterrupted, of course PRIVACY!

The toilet. The thick white rugs compliments the dark tiles. Simple.

Our room at the top of stairs: 

View from Our room

Our room.

Cute toys at the chest box.

Pardon me the ugly side.  Okay, I blamed on morning & night shift that we totally don't have time to tidy everything. And I spent most time sitting there surfing & folding clothes.

The other side, filled up with luggages & backpackers. OMG!!

We've spend more than 3 months here. So, living with Kiwi family, we are treated with traditional Kiwi or Maori cooking and we take turns to cook Asian ways which they adore!

Tania, just like a mother to me. Sometimes, both of us stay up late in the night, sipping wine and chat the night away. She loves my cooking! Cottage pie, bailey cheesecake, chicken mee sua soup, hainanese chicken rice and CURRY & LAKSA is her favourite!

Even Uncle Peter, Tania's uncle came to stay in for a month, a friendly big guy who taught us alot about fishing and he even taught me SLOW DANCE! cool enough :) He paints alot too. One of his works is hanging at the dining & kitchen area for Jorja. If you don't mind to scroll back to have a look! Cute Giraffes with blue background! 

Jorja's, the youngest daughter of Tania, she's adorable! and naughty too! She loves my scrambled eggs with chilli & tomato sauce and my hubby's William hot milo with condensed milk! I still remembered, how cute of her telling her mum this:

Jorja: Mummy, William mix sticky milky something in to Milo!
Tania: What's that actually?
Jorja: I don't know. But its yummy!! Unlike what you make for me every morning.

Hahahaha, all of us are laughing away.
Then, she turned to William,

Jorja: William, I love this! Can you make me this before I go to school everyday??

Awwwww... Such a cutie pie. And she's turning 8 soon. I miss her lots. She even gave me her few art works for me to bring back to Malaysia as memories.

The eldest daughter, Leah spent most of her time at Hamilton because she's studying high school there and staying with grandma Judy. They only come back to Te Puke fortnightly or sometimes its during school holidays. I miss chatting with them!

And the rest of the members in the family are Jess, Priscilla & Saffron.

This is Jess. She love to pitch! Everytime we're back from work, she will greet us and want to play pitch. She loves William massage her too! How spoilt!

Arrogant Priscilla! She loves to show her grumpy looks and  cuddle at the sofa with faux fur. She can be really mean sometimes! One day I accidentally lock her up in store room not knowing she's following behind me to store. =X

As for Saffron, she is a blonde cat. I never get a chance to take any pics of her because she's so afraid of us, even her owner. Or should I say, she's afraid of humans.

Time flies.
It's already been a year since we left Tania's place to continue travel down south.
Before we left, it's near Mid Autumn Festival,
Lucky us managed to pick up some mooncakes from Asian shop in Tauranga.
We wanted to make lantern for Jorja, but our lantern mission failed.
Ended up, we bought lanterns for them!

The Lantern we bought for the family and wrote message on it! Pardon my ugly chinese writing.

Our Message to the family.

For Jorja.

Tang Yuan we made for the celebration.

 I believe, someday, we will be back again, to visit this lovely family. I miss you guys lots! xx


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