Sunday, June 27, 2010



And again, I’m engaged to my boy on the 12th June 2010!

We both just “click” when we met each other years back in an audit firm.

Glad that we have come a long way and decided to bring our relationship to another stage of life.

Tying knot? Will be announce on a later date (: but definetely not this year.


Simple celebration of our engagement. I was too busy preparing for exam & only done with it 3 days before my big day.

We got our rings a month ahead. And ordered a lovely engagement cake with petals (like my blog banner) from Lena Tan!


WE’RE ENGAGED! 12.06.10




Our rings of promises (where we got it when years back) has now upgraded to engagement rings♥.



Family pics with my parents, in-laws & grandparents in-laws after rings exchange & clasped on the gold bracelets from his side.



Foochow Mee Sua is a MUST in Foochow tradition especially in celebration.



My family pics! New family member added♥ (:

Buffet dinner at my place.

Actually, it’s TWO dinners at different place. Rushing to 2 places for that night. My place & his side at restaurant.



Fiancé & I ♥



p/s: will be blogging more soon (: I supposedly blog about my work stress & complaints here tonight, but somehow, I just wish to put the stuff aside for the time being. Until I’m free enough to “blah” everything here.


Purplehaze77 said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!:D haha you must be estastic!!!

EA said...

OMG!!!! Congrats! I can't believe it! Years back you were just this little girl next to me in the classroom... Now???? A lovely woman who just got engaged!!! Sylvia, I am so happy for you!

anne said...

congrats sylvia!!! happy for u! :)))

Princess_Molong said...

Bia, hehe... I know I have congratulated you in FB but still, I wanna say that I am happy for you.. Oh ya... only now I read your blog, been so darn busy. n THanks for being my follower. UR the only one arr... LOLXX! Love you sister!

s y l v i a said...

Purplehaze77: Of course I am (: thanks girl

EA: thanks. Little girl next to you? LOL... Time sure flies, you're next! haha

anne: thank you!! ;)

Princess Molong: Xia, thanks ya (: no need to thanks me for being your follower cz i need to get updates fr u!!!!