Thursday, July 09, 2009

everyone still talking about the King of Pop.
Never ending news about him in
entertainment section of every newspapers.
Died unexpectedly of cardiac arrest at the age of 50.

I grew up listening to his songs.
Thriller, the best music video & I still love it!
Though the album released years
before I came into this world.

After watching the Thriller video,
Always ask myself the same question again & again.
How a man will turn into werewolf?
Does zoombie & werewolf really exist?

His other songs captured my heart,

We are the world.
written by Michael Jackson & Lionel Richie.
A charity single by USA for Africa.

Heal the world.
This music video features about
the suffering of children in countries.
He also created the Heal the World foundation
to improve the lives of children.

Black and white.
Promotes the racial unity.

Earth Song.
We, humans, destroy the peaceful living place.
Cutting down of trees,
killing of wild animals,
and wars.

Not forgetting his famous signature dance move,

It's sad to see him leave the world just few days
before "This is it" come back tour at London.

Anyone of you just check out the final rehearsal video,
he was still so energetic!

I believe he is way too exhausted which caused him death.

I agreed with KennySia,
on the day he died,
all the radio stations played his songs.
Indeed, it's like MJ stations. LOL.

On that day,
I went to cds shop try get his albums.
but all Michael Jackson's albums SOLD OUT!

Michael Jackson memorial service
was the biggest celebrity send-off of all time.

His daughter, Paris, words at the memorial service.
"Ever since I was born,
Daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine.
And I just wanted to say I love much."

Touching. And tears rolled down my cheek.

His children.

For now,


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