Thursday, July 01, 2010

I’m glad that I managed to go off work at usual 5.30pm!!!!! Skip overtime just for tonight & hopefully for this & next week.


Being under high pressure of work loads & stress due to tax file for submission in Malaysia for those with business income. The last 2 days of the dateline, my colleagues & I had work continuous from 8.30am to 9.30pm (more than 12 hours a day spend on working!)


100PLUS helped to boost my energy. Some say, try Red Bull. My fiance told me, if I try that, 100plus will not help me next round. And I agreed (:


Imagine, working straight for 12 hours excluding lunch my “server” not working properly & lots of careless mistakes. Luckily I still able to kick those malfunction wires away in the last day, 30th June.


Reminiscence, 3 years back & on that particular day of tax submission. Working with my ex-colleagues & fiance in the same audit firm. Tough, but team work get us through that peak season in the firm. We tried to rush for client’s account & tax to submit them on time to avoid late filing penalty. We got the tax done at 9.30pm, we then rushed to the Inland Revenue Board office on time! They closed the submission at 10pm! Whewwww…. but that feeling, it’s like bird free from cage lah!


Too bad, everything doesn’t go as smooth as I expected this round in audit firm. In my portfolio, 4 clients’ accounts didn’t get to finalised on time by the account department, leaving UGLY remarks on my portfolio. I never like outstanding matters & incomplete works done. I always wanted everything to be perfectly complete on or before dateline. I went home, still feeling the heaviness in my heart.


Working in audit firm, it’s no fun if you’re in the peak season.

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