Saturday, September 18, 2010

Road trip to SIBU!


YEAH! Finally get the chance to go “back” to Sibu during the National day holiday!

I’m foochow, my birthplace should be Sibu but born here in Kuching. Though I’m a foochow, I don’t speak good foochow anymore since my grandma’s passed away more than decade ago.

Not going back to Sibu for Ching Ming this year, reason, Good Friday.

Total up to 5+ hours roadtrip.


On the way to Serian, another small town.



Love the sky & mountain. If only this is Swiss! LOL.



Farmers burned the bushes for another plantation.




It’s getting dark, late noon.




Our dinner for the night, Philipines pork leg!

My MUST have when I get back to Sibu (:

Long & tired journey. Li Tang (Cousin in law) shared about her life here in Sibu (She’s from China, super nice lady! & pretty) & I was pretty asleep that time, LOL!



Woke up early the next day for Kampua! & walk around the small town.


The market place.



At the jetty.

DSC06439 DSC06440


My so-called “teh-c-peng”.




New jetty



Next to it, Old jetty.

Here you can spot the cement platform. Shaky.



Even after dinner that night, we went for supper. SUPER FRESH OYSTER from the same restaurant we went to the night before!

OMG!!! I will NEVER craved for hotel oyster buffet anymore (:



Staying at his cousin’s place for 2 nights.

Bought lots of kompia back!

Even bought nice nice cheongsam clothes from there (:

Have fun in Sibu!


Headed back to Kuching on Monday, a day before National Day holiday.








PARDON ME for all those road shooting. I feel much relax when looking at those GREEN!

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