Sunday, July 29, 2012

From vibrant city to small town

One of the biggest changes in life.

A week in Auckland, my hubby and I started our unplanned road trip to Te Puke.

We have nothing much in mind that particular time, and all we need badly is a JOB.
Yeah, without a job, how to survive the whole travelling plans with Ringgit Malaysia

Got a few advices from friends who been to/are in New Zealand, if you can't find any good jobs around the City, you can always find something there in Te Puke for kiwifruit. Otherwise further down the south for vineyard.

I've actually pronounced the word "Te Puke" wrongly when I first ask the local for directions and they have no idea what I was talking about. How embarrassed I am!

Well, it should actually sounds like this "Teh-pooh-eh" and it means "the hill".

3 hours drive all the way from Auckland.

Our first road trip is exciting though.

Thanks "Google map" for helping us a lot in the roads to use to get us reach our destination.

Travelled in gloomy weather actually affected my mood too.

Auckland highways. I wish Malaysia roads condition is this GOOD! Driving at least at 90km/hour!

No more highrise buildings here.

Passing the Karangahake Gorge

Passing KatiKati

You know you're in Te Puke when you see rows and rows of high pines trees!










We've finally reach the small town.

And I was so surprised that I saw only two rows of shops!!!

I must admitted that I never see anything like that except in movies like the House of Wax or the Vacancy. Blame me for not reading much enough!

Row of shops in Te Puke

This is the place I stayed for almost 6 months!

A friendly small town can handle all your basic needs. A library, post shop, cinema, Countdown & New World supermarkets, few casual dining & Chinese takeaways, groceries shops, second hand shops & gifts shops. And everyone greets you when you walk down the streets, you feel the warmth. I miss here badly!

The only bad about Te Puke is the backpacker!

Hairy Berry Backpacker Hostel is the only backpacker here other than the Te Puke Hotel which the price is reasonable for a night stay.

It's the worst stay I ever had in New Zealand!

I said before, the whole road trip is unplanned, so we left out the place to stay for the period. As the sky turned darker when we arrived, the backpacker at the Road No. 1 caught our attention.

The rate for double room per night is NZD30 per person!!! The MOST EXPENSIVE backpackers in NZ and not listed in BBH (World Travellers Accomodation New Zealand) and poorly rated by anyone who been there before.

The owner actually told us he can get us jobs if we signed up for a week stay at the backpacker. After we both calculated, NZD30 per pax per night will cost us NZD420 = RM1,008 for a week in backpacker ??!!

My hubby told him that we only want to stay for 2 nights, because we believe we can get a cheaper and better accomodation than this. The owner didn't say anything about it and handed us the keys, bedsheets & linen and showed us the room which is just behind the reception.

To my horror, the double room is actually cramp room with bunk bed, double lower bed, single on the upper! Since he handed us the sheets/linens, we had to make our own bed!! My hubby was shocked too, but he said nothing and went to the car to get our stuff.

I stood there for few minutes, and the wind blew strongly. A pile of hair strands, pieces of rubbish just blew into the room passing beneath the door. I was more shocked then! 

Immediately got my phone and called my Mum. I almost cried while talking to her because I was such a baby at home and I never stay in such horrible place before. I told Mum that the whole place made me feel like I'm in the movie, Vacancy. My sisters even laughed and commented I watched too much of horror movies.

We both did get back to the Owner about the jobs. He told us, he have no JOBS for us after we signed up for only 2 days! How unhelpful is that guy!!!

UGH! the whole place is disgusting. Kitchen wares is dirty and the bathroom with attached toilet like they never been washed EVER!! Unfortunately, I found not much pictures of the place and I didn't take any. I'm sure everyone else stayed there don't wish it will be part memories.

We are lucky to find a comfortable & reasonable place for the rest of the month and MOVED OUT from there the next day! PHEW!!!!

Anyone looking for a hostel to stay, BBH NZ ( is the place you can find accomodations with ratings and rates. 


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