Sunday, November 18, 2012

Winter'11 - Long overdue post!

Every now and then, friends around me, always says, "Its feel like Winter today..." especially it rains almost everyday since it monsoon season here in tropical Malaysia.

Of course, the magic word "WINTER" will triggered my brain again. Am missing the New Zealand hell lots! Seriously, I have nothing better to blog about except for that this beautiful place which I mentioned again and again in my blog! Just bear with me :)

It's my first winter experience.

Always link it to snow. So I love it so much at first.
But, I began to dislike the freezing temperatures of 3 months (because it located at Southern Hemisphere, the temperature drop as you travel down)

I hate layers of clothings, from thermal wear, to singlet/tee, to long sleeves shirt, a fleece jacket, a hoodie or even winter jacket. I've actually have 6 layers of them on when I went for ski!

I hate to take showers. Once a day is more than enough. And your skin will be dry and cracked if showers too much! And thanks to the Genius who created lamp heater, towel heater and everything that is essential for bathroom during winter! And I always have the all heaters on before I hop in for hot shower :)

I hate to have icy cold bed. I swear it's totally like a huge block of ice. I don't know how many people can survive through sleeping without any heater or electric blanket on. Until today, I wish I have electric blanket with me so I can have the air conditioner running in full swing mode with full speed to feel winter. Silly me, I know.

I hate to scrapped off the frost on the car front screen. And we will be late for work.

I hate to be in outdoor. Spending most of our time eating junk food, surfing the net and even go the mall. The beaches is so near but you won't like it either. The sand is stone cold & the water is freezing. The sunshine don't make me feel better too when southerlies came by.

Despite all the "hates" above, I couldn't agreed more, I still love winter!
Fishing during winter, skydiving at Lake Taupo, Bungy jumping at Waikato River, Skiing at Whakapapa, Mt Ruapehu, an active volcano! And the list goes on :)))

And here's our Winter fishing :)

This is taken during Winter. And we are so crazy because we wore shorts!! its freezing actually!

The Winter fishing

BBQ after fishing. I miss BBQ there alot. Convenient electric bbq/grill every parks or beaches. 

Some random group pictures of us!

Winter in Taupo: Bungy, Skydive & Ski!

On the way to Taupo, frost in the morning.

Lake Taupo

Us in Skydiving suits

The breathtaking 15,000 ft skydive!!!!!

Group pic with the lonely snowman in front of Chateau Tongariro!

My first snow experience!

Us before doing the bungy jumping!

Us at the Bungy jump bridge  :)

Snow while skiing!


Vincent Quek said...

Haha! Well done, another fine blog post. Love the skydive pics too. Keep writing, Sylvia. Was the fishing at Rotorua or Taupo?

s y l v i a said...

The fishing is at Tauranga :)