Saturday, April 27, 2013

My Ramblings

I know, I should just stop working so hard doing bookeeping, shut down the computer and lie on my comfy bed on this Friday night.

But I just couldn't stop thinking. I'm extremely exhausted. Really. I just wish you, can spare me my own time.  I have too many things going on in my daily life. Yeah, sometimes I said, I'm the most "free" person in my circles of family & friends. Because I can go out doing nothing at all or food galore or friends gatherings. But, upcoming months I totally have no time for anything not related to me. 

Imagine, the peak season of audit firm. Though this is a local audit firm, which I always commented, it's the less-stress environment than the ones I used to work before. The upcoming months is going to be freaking rushing deadlines for account and tax submission. I have a few huge volume companies on hand. And I have to work overtime to get some of the things to be done in advance before the dead-lines.

After work, I have to force myself spare at least 1 hour at gym. I have some complications in my health. Last year, I break the highest records of "falling sick" in my 25 years, average every month. I can't let my health to fail me in my daily life & I wish to get my body ready for babies in future. 

Piano exams in early June. I totally have no time to waste too. But then again, I can't practice everyday because I will hurt my hands or muscles. There's a day, after gym, I just sit down and practice late noon till almost 10pm, my arms hurt so much and it lasted for a week. I can't play well of course when I go for my weekly class. My piano pieces played have to be at least close to perfect for the performance exam, I struggle alot because I didn't spent so much time on piano since Grade 8 when I'm only 17.

Back home, I have to rush my own clients accounts for tax submission. Sometimes I even stay up till wee hours.

I don't know if you guys understand. I'm not referring to you who are reading this, of course. Just someone or a few.

It's not I don't want to help you guys. Not I'm selfish or whatever.
I have alot of things to cope. Don't throw me with your problems or ridiculous ideas. 
Find someone else to help you since everyone else is around. 

And please, I'm chasing my time. Don't "joke" with my time.
I really have other more important things to do. 

And please, you ("another someone") stop asking me silly questions everyday.
From what I had for dinner last night,
to where I go last night,
or what I had for breakfast,
or what am I doing,
or what I buy,
or even who is "A" on the line with.
I'm fed up with the questions.
I'm not a mind reader too.
Mind your own business.
And don't compare your life with mine.

I can't breath now. 
I just wish to escape.

5 more months to go.

forgive me tonight!

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Vincent Quek said...

Health comes first, Sylvia.... remember that. I can sense u're a strong person; u'll be alright. Again, health first.