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Backpacking holiday @ Phnom Penh, Cambodia | Part I

This year, we girls (Kaka, Ashley & Xue Ying, met them at New Zealand) decided to do backpack the South East Asia, praying hard for Air Asia zero fare offers early 2012. And after much voting from the girls, we choose Cambodia.

Luckily, they have the offer but not zero fare, which is cheap back then. And it's much more cheaper now! Our return ticket cost reasonably around RM400.

10 August 2012
Our long awaited backpacking holiday has finally arrived. Since Kaka flew in from Singapore, and I have to fly to Kuala Lumpur from Kuching. Two of us actually wish to spent a night at the airport, and we were worried that we can't get a nap & it might not be safe for us. So, we both spent a night a Tune Hotel because our flight is early next morning. Due to late booking, a budget room cost up to RM198 for a night! Our whole Cambodia trip accommodation actually sum up lesser to that figure!

11 August 2012
Our early flight, 7 in the morning took off to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Close to 2 hours flights.

In flight food since we didn't take breakfast :)

And we finally touch down at Phnom Penh International Airport. *Exicted!*

We are here!!!! 

Arrival/departure card of Kingdom of Cambodia to be submitted at the Immigration counter. 

Arrival hall of the Phnom Penh International Airport

While the girls busy in catching a Tuk tuk to the Hotel, I bought a Local sims card which cost me USD5 for my 5 days trip. Just call plan and free 300mb of internet data plan. Anyone who visit Cambodia, I think its much more advisable to choose the internet data plan because the coverage is wide there, minus the road trip to Siem Reap.

Our 1st group pic on Tuk Tuk. They charged us USD10 from airport to the Hotel in town area.

Along the way, I realised the driving directions in Cambodia is a bit different from our country. In Malaysia,
when you go on slow speed, usually advisable to keep left if not overtaking. But here in Cambodia, small vehicles (Tuk tuk / bikes) is more advisable to take the Right lane, leaving the left lane for fast moving vehicles. This actually caused confusion for us while in cycling around the Siem Reap city on the last day. (Will blog about it too :)

"BEEP BEEP" aka honking is very common here. Just a friendly reminder for those who are unware of the vehicles behind them or for those who are going to cross junctions. I think I heard more than 50 honkings before reaching the Hotel.

Some drinks stalls on Tuk Tuk

Town area shophouses

The street

About 30 minutes ride from Airport to the Hotel, we reached the busy central of Phnom Penh. Hotel situated just beside the Central Market (Phsar Thorm Thmei)

Citylux Hotel
#113, St 67, Sangkat Phar Thmey 1 (North of Phsar Thom Thmey)

The clean lobby of CityLux

We booked VIP Room, a 2 beds room for 4 of us at USD30. CHEAP!!!

Xue Ying checking out the City map of Phnom Penh

Our clean & tidy room

Our view from the room

Girls do map reading!

Sweets for the kids who beg for money

After discussion on our whole day plan, 
here's our Itinerary for the Day 1: 

Central Market, Choeung Ek Killing Fields, Tuol Sleng Genocide S21 Museum, Independent Monument, Royal Palace & Riverfront.

Our 1st stop will be the Central Market, of course!
Phsar Thmey 

Interior of the Central Market selling lots of jewellery & watches

Interior of Central Market

Fresh market

Fresh market

Fresh market

The Food court at the Central Market


After a round of walk at the food court stalls, we chose this chicken noodle because it looks so "normal". Pardon me, because we don't dare to taste other kind of Khmer food. No offence here.

The Chicken noodle. I cant recall the price, but its cheap!

The side add on chillies, lime, sauces

The side add-on

Posing before eating the noodle! LOL!

This is Khmer Chai Kueh (Vegetables kueh)

2nd dish - Fried Khmer Chai Kueh. Taste good!

The 3rd stall we sat down :)

Fried fried fried!!

3rd dish - Fried noodle with egg

4th stall - Dessert!

Our dessert

The other two girls (Xue Ying & Ashley) went to buy this dessert and we shared. After finishing this bowl, the girls actually told us that the seller just rinse the bowl with water! Of course, Kaka & I were both shocked enough! we keep telling ourselves, don't bother so much about hygiene there.

We even had our tap water boil to fill up our tumblers. I think due to the poor water filter system, somehow the water is a bit yellowish & taste like metal. Anyway, our stomach is kind enough to accept it and no one fall sick!

Next up: Will blog about our trip to Choeung Ek Killing Fields

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