Friday, November 17, 2006

Mum's back!

my mum came back fr her trip
w/ her collegues & distributor
at New Zealand for almost 2 weeks!!
it's been a long week for me
coz when my mum is not around
i need to do some houseworks
*hate it*

my mum bought some stuff for us
i got 2 nice & simple tee, slippers,
ballet shoes, handbags, etc all from Thailand
coz my mum was at there for 2 days
before she came back to Kuching
i oso got gorgeous pearl necklaces
pearl bracelet, earrings... key chain...
and kiwi soft toys fr New Zealand =)
*im like a kid*

my mum owez get the chance to
go for trip outside Msia
she almost went to all the places
in Asia but not Europe yet
Last month she juz went to Korea
it's also a company's trip
and Jan (next yr) she'll be leaving to
Chiang Mai...
how i wish to be like her

there are quite a few things happened today
but im lazy to blog about it
sorry bloggie!!!

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