Thursday, November 16, 2006

On Study Leave~

Im on study leave rite now
not much time left
to do my revision for exam
even though i got few weeks off
this really stress me out
before my study leave starts
i was so worried bout my exam
caused me headache almost everyday
i even day dreaming da whole day
thinking how am i going to pass all da papers
coz one of my collegue is still in ACCA part 3
he's married n baby...
he still havent pass his acca exams...
so im scare that i may turn out to be da same
less than 2 weeks for 3 papers
i really dunno how
i juz knw tat my head is heavy
cant think of anything else

this is my second day on study leave
i tried to finish my Business Law papers
within tis week
i dunno if i really manage it
coz im getting more lazy & tired
even a cup of ginseng tea every morning
cant help to boost my alertness during da day

i juz hope i will really work hard in this 2 weeks
i too hope that i can pass that 3 papers
even it only reaches the passing mark at 50%
for each papers

tats all for tonite
will be blogging if i hv "some" free time

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