Thursday, December 07, 2006

exams are OVER!!!
it's been 3 tough days of exams
3 long hours of exam for 3 papers

i may not get a good result for this term
coz i knw tat i din really study well for it
more than half of my paycheck for one month
will be gone into the drain if i fail

enough about my exam. i dont wan to think about it anymore.
juz wait for my results which will come out by 2nd of Chinese New Year
and hope i can pass it or else my New Year day will be "black" =P

Hurried to get my December CLEO magazine after my exam
*wide smile*
i juz love December magazines...
there always full of christmas gift ideas

partying clothes, shoes, accessories,
make-up, party ideas, etc. *giggles*

i remember i was only in form one
that is when i first read CLEO magazine
from that day onwards
i never fail to have every month CLEO magazine!!!

PC fair in Kuching tomorrow at Taman Kereta
i hate pc fair very very much
coz i need to help my dad as a promoter =(
need to be in hot and crowded place
with ppl squezzing here and there
i nv ever like excessive crowded place
they make me feel so blur and dizzy
*pity me*

i juz got back to my job today
and i got my paycheck too ;)
3 weeks away from my desk
a pile of work on it
that keep me busy the whole morning
plus i need to arrange and prepare those cheques
which have to be sent out latest by tomorrow. due date.
plus we need to start working overtime from next week onwards
work after five on weekdays
work at least 4 hours on weekends

i managed to meet *someone* for lunch... =)
it's been such long weeks we din have lunch together
and din see each other so often

Christmas is quite near now...
i need to go for Christmas shopping from next week onwards!!!
there are many stuff i need to buy this time
coz this is the 1st time i start working
(only start working after 18yrs... hehe.. ;)
so i at least need to buy something for my family

i wan get myself many pressie as i can...
  1. new handphone <--- coz im still using my mum's previous phone
  2. a photo album (shoot in studio) <--- i wan my own photo album. i have already pay the deposit.
  3. twin pack piano spa cds <--- love those tranquil music and the pianist is good!
  4. perm & colour <--- i wan to get my hair perm & colour again! im already tired looking at my straight hair though it's natural.
  5. cello <--- i still love cello. i wan to learn cello. i wan to be a cello player.
  6. ???
i wan to have everything i wan. impossible huh?

Happy Holiday to everyone out there!
God bless =)


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