Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Aaron is back in Kuching!!!

juz met him up at McD with some of
our old classmates in primary school
he is back in Kch for only 3 days =(

i didnt see him since form 1
which was long long time ago
when his whole family moved to KL...

7 yrs ago...
i still remember we used to sit together in class
he loves to draw comic cartoons
teachers used to snatch his "comic books" away
i love to bully him during those days
*pincH... ouCh...*
he is soooooo cute like lil shaolin kid ;)

7 yrs later...
he is much more taller & thinner now
no more "shaolin kid" head
but still sweat too much
same friendly smile
but is taken!!!

he will be going back to KL
tomorrow evening
hope to c him soon again!
take care urself Aaron
happy to meet u after all these yrs =)

LIFE in working full time & studying part time
is very hectic and i have no time for myself
im so tired of studying
especially in the course which i dun like at all
my biggest dream is to become a dentist
but it will never come true anymore
since my parents changed me from science stream
to commerce stream few yrs back
and my 2nd dream is to become a musician
i fall in love with music since im in kindy
i only finish my piano course when im in form 5
i wish to continue my music studies
but my mum think that is not suitable for me
plus it is expensive
so she enrolled me for accounting course
accounting is not easy at all
not much calculation
which i thought there is only "calculation"
so many thoeries
which i cant understand
i always wanna give up this course
im now in acca part 2
my baby told me it would be a waste if
i stop my course after 2 yrs

im also tired of working
this is the 1st time i start working
i never work in any firm before
in an accounting firm
i need to work overtime when im asked to
i need to work on saturday when im asked to
and i dont like working overtime at all!!!
i only earn a few ringgit for my overtime
soooooo little =(
work pressure in office is very strong
i need to work hard to achieve good impression
i need to work so hard to get a better pay & promotion
im so tired
really tired
wonder when all this will stop bothering me

im sleepy
another hectic day
nite & sweet dreams

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