Friday, December 29, 2006

*girls nite out ;)

catch up with the girls again
at Memories
Cla will be leaving Kuching on Monday
*sniff sniff :'(
gonna miss her very very much
melted cheese fries
caesar salad
butter prawns
for three of us =P

I missed the chance to meet
them up tonight at -Chilax-
quite a nice place to hang out
with the theme "Chill out & relax"
so i guess this is it got its name =)
they do provide magazines
over there beside spending the
the whole night chit-chatting
oh ya...
it only open on
Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights
coOOool ;)

not going to mention why i didnt join
them tonight in here
it's more to personal problem
that's all
Bad friday for me

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