Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year 2007 to everyone!!!
Hopefully this New Year will be a better
one than the year before
More joy & laughter
and love & peace* all around the world =)


Rewind few days back to Year 2006...

31st December
Spent my New Year Eve dinner at
my aunt's place
both of my cousins, Esther & Bertram are
back from australia
Esther had finished her honour
Bertram came back here for holiday
but soon enough he gonna transfer to
Swinburne to continue his studies here

not in a real good mood last night
because the DiGi system is down
most of my sms cant be sent out
and i cant make phone calls out too
the system is really BAD
ppl said it's due to the earthquake
happened at Taiwan few days ago

30th December
Instead hang out at the Chilax
had a movie with the girls at Star Cineplex
it's been a long time since i last watch movie
i think the last movie i watch is 666
showed on the 06.06.06
some ppl considered that is

Devil's number or a bad day
but Alvin's birthday fall on this day
and a date to remember with Hua!

Anyway, we watched Eragon.
It was awesome.
Much more better than i thought.
Because i myself never love this kind of movie.

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