Sunday, December 24, 2006

Left 4 hours to Christmas!!!

*wOnderful ;)
late breakfast with the girls
at Old Expert in Jalan Song
HsiuChing supposed to pick us up
but she woke up quite late
so Clarissa ended up driving

we went to the Taman Sahabat again
taking lots of pics
gonna upload it here as soon as i get
those pics from Cla
it's almost noon
so we kept avoiding the harsh sunlight

here are the pics ;)


oooOOOooo this pic is dark...

Clarissa & me

Nice eh? i love this very much

China style~

fish in the lake, lovely...

Hsiuching & me

3 of us under the statue

we dont have hard time finding parking
got it just in a few minutes =)
drop in the lil gift shop "Memories Lane"
checked out some clothes at Zerlina
at Sarawak Plaza
had iced blended drinks from Coffee Bean
so pity*
Coffee Bean & Coffee Master is
only what we got here in Kuching
i love Starbucks better *beam*
we did shopping in Crown Plaza & Tun Jugah
soooo pity too*
not much shopping malls like KL

I bought the white nice halter-neck tops
with ribbon at the back
Shared pressie with Hc for Cla another
same tops in dark maroon, she loved it!
*happy for her (=*

Late noon*
went to Cadas for registration
wont be going to FTMS anymore!
we only have class ONCE a week.
we dont have any text book & revision kit
they only provide us with lecture notes .wtf.
i only love the facility
nice & comfortable classroom
with "cold" air-con
nice washroom but no toilet papers!
ok for the security
we student have to scan our student id card
before we can proceed to the classrooms & library
oh. we do have lifts too... hehe...

as for Cadas
Class for us TWICE a week
not nice & comfortable if compared to FTMS
only the lecturers & notes provided to student
is far more better than FTMS
paid for the registration & the paper 2.4 fees
in full with my own hard-earn cash from my job
amounting to rm994 *faint*
im totally broke now *sob sob*
enough bout my studies!



Merry Christmas everyone out there!!!

God Bless~

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