Saturday, December 16, 2006

Saturday nite*
girls' nite out at Sahara
with 2 of my college mates

-get together, talk & chill-
it's been a long time we didnt
gather together since
Clarissa birthday
all of us are busy with studies & work
we ordered potato salad & french fries

im the one ended up finished everything

became too full to walk or move around

we did went to the Friendship garden
the nicest garden in Kuching here
the big garden with lake
two wishing wells
quite a few small resting place in China style
draw large crowd of ppl going there
especially in the evening & night
most visited place by lovebirds
so i called it "lovers' garden"
all the benches are always occupied them
hugging & holding each other close, sweet talk

we took some pics
but dun wish to upload in here
*sorry ya*
memories for all of us
bcoz clarissa will be going to HongKong tomorrow
will only be back next thurs
after that she will leave us to KL on the 31st December
*ohhhh... so sad*
she continued her acca at Sunway college
so im planning to go over too
but not so soon
i wan to do my final year in KL sunway college with Clarissa!!!
im gonna save enough $$$
study hard to pass all the part 2 exams

we're plan to chill out again before she leave Kuching
i cant wait to see them
miss those times together in college
mocha, chocochino & white coffee everyday
talk non-stop in the class
buy those "not-important" stuff
(glitter papers, etc.)
playing online game in college lab
had lok-lok together
we almost spent the whole day together
coz we had morning, noon & night class
(full time course in CAT)

Friday nite*
went out for Christmas shopping with Hua
the city is too crowded
so we both ended at Travilion mall
i bought Lillian Too feng shui magazines
archie comics for my youngest sis
and my favourite aromatherapy magazine!!!
all from the new magazine shop
which is juz next to City Jungle

had ice cream & light snack with him
at Joyous, ice cream shop in Kenyalang
before he send me home
i love ice cream!!!

there maybe in a trip with all my collegue
to Gunung Gading, Lundu or Santubong
Yeah!!! i love beach!!!
and me and hsiuching get the chance to
have our own room
juz two of us *cool*
so we can do wad we like =P
looking forward for it
wanna leave this busy city for a while

That's all for now. Thanks for reading it. =)

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