Wednesday, February 21, 2007

*Plesant ;)

Yesterday, spend my entire noon with Clarissa.
After visiting, both of us went to
Scoops Gelato Bar.
In Italian, "Gelato" means frozen.

This is my 2nd time there.

Cozy & classy in hippie style place like this
serves mainly yummy ice creams.
They do serves hot & cold desserts too.
Here are some of the pics i got it from their website
coz i didnt take any pics of the place.

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said "bye bye to the ice cream bar"
we went across the road to Hilton Hotel

which is just opposite the Scoops.
Took lotsa of pics at the swimming pool terrace. =P

Some of the ppl might think that we are really tourist
from other countries bcoz we looked like one
and carried camera around. lol.
Some of them might think that both of us are crazy.
Maybe some of them might think that
we are from kampung! Lol.

Cool Slideshows

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