Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Im already so exhausted
even though it's only the 3rd day
of the year of Boar in the Chinese calender

Lotsa visiting to close relatives & frens
Lotsa of soft drinks, junk food
that keep me from being hungry

On the New Year eve,
when for hair wash at Cutting Edge in the late noon
guess how much is it? RM30!!!
well well... it's festive season price. no choice.
bcoz i cant style my hair as nice as them.
*easy to earn $$$ from a woman than a man, right?

My mum cooked 8 dishes for reunion night.
Foochow Mee & Foochow Ang Chau
is my mum best Foochow cooking! yummy~
I love it! ;)

After dinner,
it began to rain like cats & dogs until midnight.
but this is havent's stop ppl from playing fireworks.
Beautiful fireworks can still be seen in the sky,
sound of fire crackers can still be heard.
This marked the beginning of a new year for everyone.
A better year that blessed everyone with
prosperity, health, wealth & happiness.

2nd day of the New Year,
my ACCA exam results crahsed all my new yr mood.
I didnt thought that i will do that bad.
HsiuChing got her results first.
She took 2 papers but she passed one of them.
Lian Juin took 2 papers too & also passed on paper.
As for me, i took 3 papers.
AND i didnt pass any of them. Damn it.
I was full of confident that i'll guranteed pass paper 2.3
bcoz i always get good marks in my lecture class.
but i got the lowest mark for this paper among thr 3 papers.
i still dont understand why my results turn out to be like tat.
took almost one month leave off from my work,
just to study for my exam.
i work so hard for it.
used up my hard earn cash for taking those papers.
paying for my exam fees.
so, can you see how disappointed i am?
*tears rolls down my cheek

Enough bout that. I dont want to talk about it.

Valentine's day...
Couples considered it as a special day for them.
Usually on this day,
boyfriends love to shower their girlfriends with roses & gifts.
most of them do go for candle light dinner.
This year is lil different for me.

Hang out with him & group of frens to shopping mall.
got roses a day before valentine &
my favourite piano spa 3 cds ;)
thanks for the pressies!

Gotta go


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