Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Here I am again after lost myself for days.
It's getting late now. A quick update for now.

Happy Belated Birthday for Me ;)

Finally, I turned 20.
Waiting for this day to arrive, almost a century for me.
Looking back,
I've gone through many ups & downs.
I regretted 1 of my major mistake I made blindly.
Chose my ex over my music studies. Extremely stupid.
That make me an auditor now not musician.
I love music so much, perform in stage sometimes.
If I only work hard for it, I'll be perform in concert every now & then.
I maybe famous too.
This made me learnt so much.

Dinner with dear at One Tree Hill Restaurant.
The dim lit atmosphere of the place make it
oh-so-romantic for dining..
Both of us really had a great time there ;)

I love pressies
but not lotsa pressies for me this year.
Got lovely lil mugs from my collegues & my sister.
Gosh. Never think that they will have the "same" present for me.
Anyway, thanks for it ;)
Dear got me Snowball.
White puppy from Singapore.
Actually, it's soft toy. Lol.
So I called it, yes, Snowball because he really look like snow-ball ;)

And here, is something I want to share.
Born on 8th March, which is also
International Women's Day.
A major day of global celebration for economic, politcal & social achievement
of women.
But in Chinese, it's known as "San Ba Fu Nu Jie". Sounds like Bitch Day. wtf.
Those old days back in school, my friends used to call me "San Ba"/38 (in number)
Eventually I got used to that name they gave me.
Indeed, Im very kepo person. wtf.
Still, this number 38 is also a lucky & good number according to Chinese.
38 is also "Shen Fatt" in another way around which mean Wealth.
Believe it? Many expensive or luxury car have this number on their car plates.
Usually can be seen
, 38 only or 3838.
One need to pay high price to get this number
because it always a tender car plate number.
Even in lottery, this number 3838 usually sold out not with the reason
that the number is double. I only got to buy this number once. Just Once.

I just end my crap here.
Good Night & sweet dream everyone.


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