Saturday, June 30, 2007

I got 2 tickets to the RWMF 2007 (Rainforest World Music Festival)
Rushed to get the tickets during my 1 hour lunch break.
Don't bother to have lunch at all.
Tickets. I want tickets only.

Reminiscence, I was so lucky to get the last 2 tickets at
the Sarawak Tourism Board counter in the town last year.

The counter girl told me that it was the LAST tickets they had there.
Im soooooo happy that time.
And so glad that I didn't missed it.

Years back in old days in school,
went to the Rainforest with my friends.
The music. I lOve it. It captures my heart.
From then onwards, I make it a point to go for it every year.
I don't wanna miss it.

About the Rainforest music festival,
It is held from 13-15 July 2007 @ the Sarawak Cultural Village.

Tickets information
One day pass
Ticket for child aged 3-12 years is at RM40
Ticket for adult is at RM80
Three days pass
Ticket for child aged 3-12 years is at RM100
Ticket for adult is at RM200.

Getting more & more expensive each year. :(

The music is from around the world.
Thousands of people crowding the little place of where the music is perform.
There are performers from places like Russia, Madagascar, Peru, Italy, Scotland, etc.
Also have performers from our place, Malaysia & Sarawak bands too.
The music workshops are held in the daytime while
the nighttime concerts are held in stage under the open sky,
people will be sitting on the grass lawns,
some of them will be dancing.

Those are some info I can give here.
For more information, visit

Im so excited now. Cant wait for it ;)

My friends are going off to Uni tomorrow.
Those who got accepted into the West Msia Uni left today.
I miss them so much. :(

Might go for badminton session with the guys again!!!
It's been ages since I play badminton with them.
When is the last time I sweat?
Hardly. Stay in the air-con room whole day. wtf.
Not good for me huh? It dry my skin.

Stop blogging here.
Im sleepy & tired.
Good nite & sweet dreams
*hugs & kisses*

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