Friday, August 24, 2007

Weekends is around the corner again ;)

Didnt play badminton with friends since Clarissa left.
Didnt swim for quite some times because i dont want to damage my hair.
Actually, I have not do any exercise for months!!!

I didnt sweat as I stay in air-conditioned office whole day long.
Only 1 hour of lunch without air-con.
Back at home, in air-conditioned rooms again.
How to sweat ler like that?? If I sweat, there must be something wrong lor.
Looks getting more & more stress & cham.

It does took me long time before Pei & I decided to go for Yoga.
Had my 1st try-out at Maha Yoga, Jalan Pending.
Before the class started, the Yoga teacher taught us the Yoga breathing.
The session last about 90 minutes.

Before ending the session,
the instrutor had the light dim & turned on the tranquil music,
lying down on the yoga mat, I almost fall asleep for 3 times!! Lol (;

Though I feel tired because no exercise for such long time,
I had a goooooooood night sleep until I overslept next morning.
My alarm went off. Luckily my mum did wake me up or else...


It took me courage to leave there.
I did enjoyed my 1 year 8 months there.
No choice. I can't just hang on there for long.
I need to learn something new. Something relevant to what I'm studying.
Miss all of them very much already.
29 days to go...

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