Sunday, September 23, 2007

Oh my...
Neglected my blog for almost a MONTH!!!
Sorry for that!
I hardly log on internet this few weeks.
So, lotsa mails in my mailbox too!
I was all tied up with works in office.

Remember my last post?
it's actually bout my resignation in current office.
I was offered a better job with better pay in a bigger firm than current.
A well-known firm too.
Handed in my resignation letter on the 24th August 2007.
My first-time resignation.
It took me days to make decision whether to leave the firm.
Somehow, the resgination made me sad.
How i wish i can get back the letter & continue my works there.
My first day at the new office starts on 24th September, this month.
Just few days before Friday,
My bosses insisted me to stay.
They said, If im tired, they can give me one or two months of leave.
Or i can continue do my works as usual.
I was offered the company secretary job.
But I told them I wan to learn more about audit & tax.
They agreed and gave me increment in my pay.
They need the answer from me whether to stay or leave.

I went through that hard-time to make decision for the second time.
It's true from what Hua's said.
All this years, most of the time,
my parents make decision for me.
I never have to worry what i have eat, what i have to wear, etc.
I never really make any own decision.
I only had one night to make the decision.
Sat up in my bed, thinking bout it the whole night.
I still cant get the answer.
The next morning, just went to office as usual.
I only made the decision to STAY around ten smth in the morning.
This decision is really a big effect to me.
Im proud & glad that I've made the decision which put a big smile on my face
for the rest of the days of the week!!! ;)

Want to know why i choose to stay?
Small firm can learn lotsa things than bigger firm for part time student like me.
I got so much of responsibility here in the old firm.
I get to do company secretary job, accounting, audit & tax.
I can said that I learn more than others *self praise* ;)
One of my closest fren, sorry i let u down.
I know you wish that I got into that bigger firm.
I know ppl out there will think im stupid to let go such a chance.
But, im happy enough to stay in current job before i move further.
Thanks for the support when im in difficulties ;)


It's a lovely Sunday.
Heart it ;)
Going for facial session in the noon ;)

Im sooooooooooooo happy till today!!!!
Woah... just a simple decision I made on my own, im happy enough.
This is more like, a 20 yrs old girl now ;)

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