Monday, August 25, 2008

Again, working & studying at the same time, make me REALLY busy.
Hardly have quiet time for myself.

I love weekends.
But, class on Sat morning always put :( on my face.
Need to wake up early in the morning,
attend the class which lasted for at least 5 hrs!!


Had my quick breakfast at nearby coffee shop before heading to class.

As usual, teh-o, must have to start my day =)

Went to Ling's place to sort out accounts after my class.
I need to get more account to do to fill my empty pockets.
Anyone? =)

Dinner @ Food & Tea, the Spring with my family

To the Kuching food fair @ Padungan after dinner.
Definetly, not our 2nd round dinner. lol.

Went out with Ling on Friday night,
to check the price of some items we need for the Parish food fair.
We gonna sell sandwiches, "shao bao" & drinks.
For your info, our Parish food fair, St. Peter Church Padungan
will be having a food fair on 14 September 2008 (Sunday).
Do come and support us =)

Chill out @ Starburks, airport

Dark Mocha Frappucino & Chocolate Cream Chip

I love this pic of him =P

Went to sauna with colleagues @ ZaZen


Me & Pei after sauna


I got myself a phone!!!
I've been wanting my own phone since i started working.
Remembered, everytime i compared the price and specifications,
i always ended up not buying phone.

I just fall in love with it, the 1st time i saw it.
Love at first sight ;) lol


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