Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Went for a quick bite @ Big Apple donuts last week before class.

The ice blended mocha, tasteless.

Finally, he's back (=
I am delighted with those lil gifts (some silly gift too) =P

My favourite, of course, the Fossil casual watch

Lovely (= the box is cool too~

And, this is the silly gifts he gave for me *faint*

He said i always drive in rush, so i might need this! swt*

He said this one, limited edition. swt*

Also bought me Ikea multi-hanger, Batman tee
& a printed towel, "To Sylvia, From Ling"
So simple =(
Never mind lah, i love it tooo (=

It's lunch time.
I need to sign off now, tata!!

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