Friday, October 17, 2008

Current feeling: dilemma

I'm speechless.
All of us thought that cessation of operation is the best solution.
But, when each of us received the news,
it really hurts our heart, mind & soul deeply.

It affects me so much.
Been there since 2005.

Wanted to leave twice but end up staying back.
Those days, I never even have time to spent with my family & friends at all.
Back then, was a fresh graduate from Certified Accounting Technician (CAT).
My first job.
It exhausted me so much.
I never been in so tight dateline + so much works need to be done.
What i'm proud of, I did learn a lot from there.
Everything from basics.

Secretarial works.

It closely related to account/audit/tax. But not in ACCA syllabus. I quite like secretarial work and even ever thinking of take up this course. Need to do resolution, minutes, update statutory regsiter/minutes book, etc. all by myself. I was the youngest one there, no one willing to teach me at all. My manager often want me to help out, I always say "Yes or Ok". I never say NO.

Accounting works.

The 1st day, the senior handed me client's document for me to keyed in. My mind was blank. My 1st thought was "How I know what to do ah???". With my kiasu attitude, I didn't ask much and proceed with the keyed in. I did get scolded by my manager on some errors made, but worth it lah. At least I know it next time and won't repeat it.

Audit works.

Honestly, I didn't learn much of that during my 1st year. Gradually able to handle doing the whole process of company's audit myself. Thanks to my senior, Teo. He taught me alot when others don't. This is corporate world. So, work independently.

Tax works.

I love tax so much. I think is the best part in my job because of the wide scope. Dealing with the tax authorities, tax computation, monitoring company's tax revision, etc. The only department that I want specialise in.

Admin works.

When the other partner of the firm left, my manager insisted me to take over the other partner place. Do payroll, EPF, SOCSO, own company's service tax, pay utilities bills, etc. Imagined, I need to handle a lot of stuff but only get a little increament in my pay. Dissapointed.
I still hold on until today.
Life in current office is not so hectic since the takeover.
All of us, knew that too many things happened recently,
which left us, going to be jobless soon.
13 days left.

This time, my heavy heart is force to leave.
Crying myself to sleep every night ='(

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