Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Can't get my eyes off the window
in front of me almost the whole day.
I still can spot the jetty far away across the Sarawak River.
By the noon, weather forecasted it will lasted until the week ends.
Seeing the rising level of river water covered up the jetty,
increase my heartbeat.
*thum thum thum*

Got email from the management to everyone in the office.
Called off half an hour early for the day
News from the media concerned the
season king tide and rising of flood water level today.
Also warned that those places never flooded before,
will have to be extra careful & alert.
Worry at the same time.

On my way back, no "big" sign of rising water level at my areas.
Only at Foochow Road bridge.
If only no rain tonight, it will be alright.
If it does rain, then we'll see what tomorrow have for us.

Flash flood hit Kuching last Saturday because of continuous raining.
Attended Saturday evening mass,
by that time, roads of Padungan area covered
with "teh-c-peng" water from the drain.
Everyone had to turn back and use other roads!

Non-stop heavy downpoured for at least 48 hours.
Some colleagues who had to take leave
as their housing area were badly flooded!
Some schools were closed!
How bad is that huh?

Currently not only Kuching is affected,
other areas in Sarawak also experienced it too.

Jalan Mendu areas.
Photo credits: PhotoBorneo's JungleMike

Ang Cheng Ho areas.
Photo credits: Catcity.com.my

Jalan Padungan areas.
Photo credits: beaned.blogspot.com

Photo credits: hubertlam.com

Jalan Padungan/Petanak areas.
Photo credits: hubertlam.com

St. Peter's Church.
Photo credits: hubertlam.com

I pray & hope it ends tonight.
Or it spoilt everyone's Chinese New Year mood.

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