Monday, January 19, 2009

Mum's just got back from US!
Company trip to Las Vegas, L.A, etc.
A long & tiring trip for her, especially the flights.

Goodies from US!!♥

My new pairs of shoes from Sketchers to replace worn out Nike.

This is in my wish list, Coach!
Zoe Coach wristlet.
Love. Love. Love.

Souvenirs from Disneyland.

Spot the mickeyS ;)

From Las Vegas, dice key chains (:

That's all mum got for me (:
Hand carrying lots of stuff for everyone of us,
Dad's got the most goodies for sure ;)

Thanks mum for the goodies, I love them♥






Chinese New Year is just 6 days 1 hour 45 minutes 38 seconds away
*Smile widely*

Done with spring cleaning (:
and baked Bailey Irish Cream cake on Sunday morning! Another success in cooking skill, *self praise* ;)

Can't wait to get myself on brand new clothes & angpows! ;)

I got a list of Do's and Don't during CNY for those
who is unaware of it or wish to know more about Chinese customs.

1) Don't wash your hair or you will wash away any good luck for the new year
2) Wear brand new clothes, colour of red is the best!
3) Don't sweep the floor or clean or you may sweep away your luck.
4) Don't mention death or tell ghost stories.
5) Don't use knives or scissors or you may cut off fortune.
6) Don't lend money or you will be lending all year, vice versa.
7) Decorate home with symbols of good fortune.
8) Do speak only good words, you'll get what i mean!
9) Put away brooms or the visitor who see it will be unfortunate.

That's all I can think of (:

Gonna get my paycheck tomorrow!
Another "Yeah!!!" for me ;)

Nights & sweet dreams.

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