Sunday, February 01, 2009

The 7th day of the New Year in Chinese calender.

Fireworks when it strikes midnight.

I did took videos of the fireworks that night.
Somehow I didn't to upload in here,
a message "failed" keep pop up. Stupid.

I don't really feel any New Year mood this year.
Hardly heard the sound of firecrackers & fireworks
only until the Eve of Chinese New Year.
Getting worst!
How bad is that huh?

Years back,
the sound & smoke filled the air!
Even when it's already one o' clock in the morning,
there's still endless sound of it.
Everyone is so happy welcoming the New Year!

Government banned the use of it years back
due to safety reasons.

My thoughts,
Firecrackers, one of Chinese tradition.
Old believe that it scares away the evil spirits
and become an integral aspects of Chinese New Year celebrations.

Blame on the parents who just let their kids,
playing firecrackers themselves & got burned.

Blame on those who smuggles dangerous firecrackers.

Banned of it spoilt everyone's mood!
I think the next next generation wont even
know about Chinese New Year at all!

Enough said.

Gong Xi Fatt Cai, Happy Niu Year♥!!!
Give me angpows!! LOL ;)

1st day of visiting, the relatives.

Taken with sisters, antique looks pic.
I looked "old" lah! :(

2nd day,
colleague's open house.

Ex-colleague Pei at Serian in the noon.
I do love the enviroment in "Ulu" areas compared to City!

Feel the mood in there,
the wooden house,
where no air-conditioner is used.
Television & radio are the only entertainment.
Back to old days.

Excuse for the oily & tired looking me!

View of smoky mountains.

Sky was quite dark.
On our way back to Kuching.

Night, small gathering at Brenda's place with friends


& Ling's Birthday at his house♥!
The busiest day! (:

3rd day,
Visit Hedy & lots of talking!
Was at her place the whole noon ;)

Done with all the visiting last night.
Last stop, Alvin's place. Busy dog lover.

Started working on the 4th day.
The weather looked unpleasing at all.
Gloomy & dark for the entire day.
Raining cats and dogs.
Flooded some low areas.
High tide.
Then again, everyone was forced to go home early!

Shop for Ling's b'day present,

Upcoming plans:
B'day + valentine dinner♥ at Ristorante Beccari on Tuesday!

Plan to watch "The Wedding Game" on Wednesday, movie day.
Bliss (: (: (:

*yawn yawn yawn*
Totally worn out for the week!
Managed to sleep a little late this morning (:
It already 10.30pm.
Hello, bed again!
Lazy to work tomorrow ;P

Nights & sweet dreams (:

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