Monday, August 17, 2009

Nature & Music.

Super late post again!

Rainforest World Music Festival 2009 was a blast! like always (:

Actually, I tried to sell my tickets off days before the event started because of those swine flu around.

Both, good & bad news for me for nobody buy my tickets :P

If I sell them off, I won’t be able to attend BIG event in my list. And the bad side, I might caught up with swine flu.

Surprisingly, they managed to maintain the ticket price at RM90 per person for 1 day pass. Hope they won’t increase anytime soon in future.


I chose Sunday, the last day event with finale.

fyi, Rainforest World Craft Bazaar 2009 was held too. Crafts from Korea, Japan, Indonesia, USA, etc.

I’m glad with the Batik print wood in leaf shape that I bought from a Bali store. Only RM20! worth every penny (:



Finally, improvement on the stages & theatre. If not, it will be the same old rusty place like years before I went on primary school visiting to Sarawak Cultural Village.



Adore the pitcher lamps in the theatre. Nicely covered cushion chairs like in cinema, errr with leather? or pvc? I can’t tell the difference. LOL!


Ancient Modern, traditions moving into the future with those from Muszikas, Red Chamber, Lan E-Tuyang, Jouhiorkesteri & Zawose Family!

The “All keyed up” workshop upset me! Somehow, the electricity always got cut-off! Grrrrrr… which caused the workshop started almost an hour late.

“I’ve got Rhythm”, the best workshop for the last day!

Crowd shouted “We want more! We want more! We want more!”

Indeed, they played another round! Love it! Ended with great applause! (:




Headed to Camp Permai, for quick dip in the sea & shower before munched on our french homemade salad we brought (:

Pizza, Sushi, etc. fast & easy food for our dinner that night.



Actually, I never really adore Malaysia bands, I just don’t know why.

I must admit, this particular Malaysia band performed that night, totally changed my mind. I swear.

AKASHA MALAYSIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Awwwww, love the mixture of Indian percussion with guitar & piano! The RWMF bring them back because of great demand since last year! *Cheers!*

I love the best when they played the intro part of BEAT IT by Michael Jackson, the King of Pop!

I still can hear the crowd shouting crazily! LOL.




The Red Chamber representing Canada/China also did a great performance! & they even had the two members from Akasha Malaysia to play with them (: that’s absolutely lovely ;)






Adore the Zawose Family from Tanzania! I always prefer music from places like that. It seems, more “rainforest” feels for me. Really back to nature.


I didn’t catch up the Finale this year, yeah, I know it’s a MUST!

I’m sure the finale rock the RWMF’09! *another around of appaulse*

I can’t wait for RMWF 2010!!!!

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