Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last day of 2011

Obviously, have-not-been updating my blog for a year!
Gracious me, how time flies!

Still thanks for the loyals, if any, for visiting my dead blog.

This year. 2011. It's an AWESOME year for me (:
The most happening year in my 24 years.

I must Thank God for everything that happened,
whether it's good or bad. Because, I stand up once again on my failed.

Guess this will be a long post, since I have time to spare here.

I love to reminiscence what I have been through the year. Of course the highlights of the year will be much write about.

# January 2011
My fiance (now, Hubby) & I applied for the Working holiday visa to New Zealand. We are lucky that we successfully got the visa , among the 2k successful applicants.

# March 2011
My birthday! Celebrated my 24th with all close friends. So much thanks to them for the dinners, presents, wishes!

# April 2011
My hubby & I resigned from our full time job & off we go for LONG holidays! From Kota Kinab alu to Taiwan. Have a week of fun at shopping, snorkelling & food marathon! We also had our pre wedding photos taken at VeryTaipei, Taipei.

This a few of my favourite ;)

After a week back from Taiwan, friends' gathering for my long absent in Kuching!
Lots of gathering indeed & touching gifts from close friends.

Then, we fly to the beautiful place.

# April - October 2011
Holiday-ing & did some part time job at Packhouse which is fun! AND I've finally tried Bungy jumping & Skydiving which is awesome! Experienced Autumn like Korean movie (Autumn in my heart), winter wonderland & fresh spring! Hike glaciers. Mud bath. Luge ride. Visit old haunted jailhouse. Wild dolphins, fur seals & even penguins crossing! Too many to list down (: Much love.

# October 2011
Our trip back from New Zealand, we stopped by Brisbane, Gold Coast Australia. We actually did plan Fiji trip but due to insufficient information we got on the net, we decided to cancelled it.Busy for the wedding preparation because we have only a month to plan & sort everything out!
*Time bomb*

# November 2011
12.11.2011, we are officially married in Church in the presence of relatives & friends! although we had signed the paper a year ago!

# December 2011
Back to work!

There you go!!
The first & the last post in 2011.
Happy New Year everyone, cheers mate~!

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