Monday, April 16, 2012

Autumn in the City

Autumn often associated with Melancholy.

But, I don't think so!

This is my first experience in one of the 4 seasons countries
and I love the yellowish of trees, bushes & dried leaves.

Its the beginning of Autumn,
temperature tends to drop a lots in the night. Chilly.

You wont see & get much the Autumn feeling in Auckland.
The sky is always grey, personally, I don't like it much there.
But, if you love city life, it can accommodates you well!
Lots of entertainments, fine dinings & adrenaline rush games!

We get to see Auckland city on the 2nd day!

I totally have no idea about Auckland before I came here.
My whole New Zealand image appeared in my mind is only the Skycity.
Yeah, I know I'm silly enough.
And I totally failed in "real life" geography.
Thankfully, the whole trip & my hubby taught me lots of real-life things.

So, I wish to share here to everyone
especially to those who never know about Auckland.

The heart of the city, is a dormant volcanic fields.
The Mount Eden & One Three Hill formed by the volcanoes eruptions millions years ago.
And Hauraki Gulf islands are parts of the Auckland city.

We caught a bus from Manukau
(its actually a Maori origin, means "wading birds") to the city,
dropped off at Britomart Transport Centre.
The bus fare cost us $6.80 each, one way.
So, the whole return trip for 2 cost us $27.20.
We actually feel it's quite expensive if converts back to Ringgit Malaysia,
and its only a bus service which may takes you some times to reach
the destination because of people hop on/off the bus the whole journey.

If anyone of you, want to know more about the bus fares, you can also check it out here:

Since its Easter Saturday,
no trains service & a few bus trips throughout the day.

A few shots of the City & the Harbour.

I love BLOGGER better now!
Big photos to share! YAY!!!

Our breakfast :  a foot long from Subway. Never tried in Malaysia although we have it there!

Some photos of the beautiful harbour on a sunny day. Really, I don't see much blue skies in Auckland.


I was so slim back then, LOL! but eventually increased in weight in 6 months at New Zealand. Good pay +
good sleep + tons of funs = No worries, no stress but SIMPLE LIFE!!! How not to gain weight? (:

Surprisingly, there's an old fishing boat at the beautiful city harbour. 

Too bad I didn't have a chance to hop on them since its a backpacking trip! Maybe someday (:


Arts at the harbour front. You can catch the glimpse of tall tower in Auckland, the Skytower.

Apartments at harbour front. I wish to own one of them, someday too!

Our walks to the Skytower, and we passed TV NZ (Television broadcasting in NZ)

Here we are, at iconic structure of Auckland, the Skytower. An observatory tower itself too.

Interior of the Skytower.

Casino, restaurants, bars, theatre in the Skytower. 
I'm first timer in Casino, so I didn't gamble on anything except for the slot machines. LOL!

Cosy (:

By the way, Skytower also known for the famous adreanaline rush game in New Zealand. The Skywalk & Skyjump, which I didn't tried both of them. I don't have the guts to walk 360deg 192m from ground, I prefer jump! LOL! 

Skywalk for adult is NZD145, Skyjump for adult is slightly pricey, NZD225. I think these includes video, can't really confirmed about that.

They even have combo too, Skywalk + Skyjump.

Any further information needed, maybe you can try to check their website out: or

By the way, either Skywalk or Skyjump is one of the MUST DOs in the Kiwis travel!

If you never try anything like that, why not for once in a while adrenaline rush?


I was outside the building, waiting patiently for someone to the the jump! 

And here is it! 

Cool aye!!!!

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