Sunday, August 26, 2012

Home in Te Puke, Part I

From the Hairy Berry Backpacker, the worst accomodation in Te Puke
We moved to a cozy Cabin in an orchard.

Cabin at $90 per pax & week including water & electricity. 

This is our Cozy cabin

1) Cabin can fits up to 4 pax but we allowed to have the whole place ourselves, so its more than enough. By the way, they provide two bunk beds. 
2) Surrounded by Orchard, we can pick up any fruits like avocados, lemons, apples, oranges, kiwis, etc.
3) A gas heater provided to us that can warm up the small cabin during cold winter.

1) Shared kitchen & bathroom. Imagined the chill during the night if you want to use the washroom.
2) Too dark and quiet. No extra lightings or lampost in the OrchardAnother log cabin house is opposite us but blocked by tall pine trees. And another cabin next to us fits in 6 pax.
3) Wireless internet connection is poor to max! Even you have broadband! because we are in the middle of Orchard!

Didn't took any interior of the Cabin, basic with bunk beds & drawers dressing table. 
We managed to grab a huge carpet for the stone cold wood flooring, electric kettle and low table from a garage sale to furnish the Cabin.

Me with pines trees behind.


Staying at KIWI360 Orchard.

A stroll to the Orchard.

The fruits plants.

Fruits plants along the way.

Me with Kiwi plants.

The perfect round Green Kiwis.

Shed at far end.

A Dragon maze in the Orchard.

Avocados plant.

Me with Giant kiwi bird in the Orchard.


Outside the Cabin & Kitchen.

Sadly, we only stayed in this Cabin for a month. 

As I often visit washroom during the middle of the night, not even safe to bath alone because the door lock is only a HOOK, anyone can push the door open anytime. 

Cooking in the kitchen after work hours is quite scary actually & too cold! We even encountered weird incidents.

I remembered there's one night, I was on the phone with Mum outside the kitchen while hubby is cooking around 11pm. A creature, I don't even get a chance to see clearly what it is because its too dark in the Orchard. I only know its fury and shinning eyes staring at me. A possum perhaps? I can confirmed it's not a dog because I don't see any around. That creature, after starred at me for 5 minutes and sensed my uneasy feeling, it ran out from the bush and towards my direction!!!! MY HEART RACING & I ran as fast as lighting to the kitchen and SHUT THE DOOR! Damn.

Another incident, we back from twilight shift at work & headed to kitchen to have dinner. We saw rubbish bag is torn and the LAMB BONES lying around with rubbish. I never seen LAMB BONES can be eaten so  "clean", not even a bit of meat stuck on the bones. Quite scary indeed! We never found out what kind of creature lurking out there in the dark.

Sometimes, my hubby worked twilight shift while I don't have any job assigned. I'll be alone at Cabin, alone in the Orchard. Twice when I was taking bath alone, someone tried to push open the door too!! THANK GOD I'm still alive and unhurt!

After much complaints from me, weird incidents & winter is drawing near, the Orchard will be more chilly than usual, my hubby decided we moved out from the cabin and to another place that we call Home. 

I'm very thankful that we managed to find a place in the shortest time and call it Home. An unique experience staying in Cabin surrounded by Orchard!


Vincent Quek said...

Hello Sylvia. I've been reading your posts but only started being a follower today. Just wanna wish u and your hubby good luck in NZ. I love the country too. Keep up the good work on your blog. Looking forward to hearing how u guys are coping over there.

s y l v i a said...

Hey Vincent, thanks for dropping by! Appreciate it to max! :)

Vincent Quek said...

Admire the both of u. I wish I did what u guys are doing when I was younger. The both of u are young, so enjoy yourselves to the max. I'm now drafting a blog post about how much I miss NZ. Hope to post it in a few days. U guys take care.

s y l v i a said...

Looking forward to read your post! and i'll keep mine updated! we're already back in Malaysia, but still missing NZ much!

Vincent Quek said...

How long we're u there?

s y l v i a said...

We're there for 6 months only, too bad we didnt extend additional 3 months to it :)

Vincent Quek said...

Wish my wife and I could do the same one day. Probably after retirement. Haha! Really enjoy your posts.

s y l v i a said...

Much thanks! we're actually plan to settle down there too one day!

Vincent Quek said...

I hope the both of you realise your dream one day.

Tamsyn Miller said...

Hey I love these photos - I have a photo of myself as a child in front of that castle. Were the giant taps still there when you went? The ones that look like they're suspended in mid-air?

s y l v i a said...

I dont think I see any of the giant taps! hehe I miss the orchard badly!