Thursday, December 27, 2012

Two Zero One Two

It's the time of the year,
when I reminiscence how well the year been for me.

Tried to look back in my Facebook, and realized it's not a really happening year for me
like what the year before did. Still, I'm very much thankful for everything.

Hers's some which are still fresh in my mind :)

#1  My 25th celebrated with close friends & families.

One of my fav shots with girlfriends

#2  Melaka trip with the girls I met at New Zealand.

#3  The backpacking trip to Cambodia with the girls again. Xue Ying actually said that we all have the "worry free" smiles we had in New Zealand. I do fall in love with the Cambodia, a beautiful country. I will blog more about Cambodia when I find the time to :)

Tried BALUT for the first time. Its yummy!! Call me daring crazy girl :P

Our best shot at Angkor Wat, Cambodia :)

Us in front of the Angkor :)

Our cycling trip in Siem Reap. It was a bit dangerous with messy traffic & FUN though!

# 4 Christmas dinner at Home.

My simple year 2012 without Hubby around. And I do miss him spending each occasion & travel plans with me.Thankful for him for always being there at my weakest times even though he is thousand miles away from me. He always give me hope & encouragement. He never hurts me. I couldn't ask for more, he's the best.

Thankful for my Family. My parents always shower me with love and care. Though we didn't sit down and talk much, I still can feel the love from them.

Thankful for my friends around me. Always find the time to have coffee sessions, movies, karaokes, dinners, etc. with me because they know I'm always alone without Hubby around. Thanks them for never fail to make me laugh and put smile on my face when I think of them. Thanks them for the advice & words of encouragement, appreciate that alots! You guys are priceless! 

A good 2012.
I'm looking forward to a new year, a new beginning.
Most of all, I'm looking forward to more travel plans & achieve my endless crazy dreams!

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With Love, 

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