Saturday, August 10, 2013

So what am I up to...?

Again, I've been MIA for months!

And again, as usual, my daily routine with "add-ons" activities break me into pieces, scattered all over the places and I don't even have time to pick myself up.

The only social media I'm quite active at is Instagram.

For those who might not know what is it, or those who thought is just simply a photo editing software, then you are wrong.

Instagram used to be only photo sharing apps, which is a little bored. But now they upgraded it with video shooting (available on android too :) The plus of it, you apply digital filters to your photos. Caption it. All those sharings can be done at Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or any other social networking sites.

When I first started to instagram (70 weeks ago), I only did a few photo sharings visible to public with simply just food or objects photos without the "hashtag". (Because I don't know what is hashtag at that point of time)

57 weeks ago, I began to learn what with the hashtag. So basically, when you start to hashtag your photos, you will get more "likes" and more followers (unless your profile settings is visible to public)

As time goes by:
- I got a lot of unknown followers, or should I say "dead" followers?
- My photos sharing switch from mainly objects to myself and friends. More on what's going on in my daily      life.

I ended up setting my profile to private.
I do wish to share some of my photos here, too bad it didn't link with Blogger.
I do wish to add instagram to gadget bar in Blogger, but my profile must be set to Public.

And this is my recent upload in instagram.

With the fav pet in the house, Cooper.
He looks silly as always! haha :)

I don't mind readers come and follow me at my insta! my username is ic3_amethyst

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Vincent Quek said...

Love the new look of your blog, Sylvia! Much better and friendlier than Dynamic template. Yes, u've been MIA tooooooo long. Don't do that again, understand? Haha! Not long now til your looooooooong holiday with your sweetheart.