Wednesday, September 04, 2013

My travel mates

My point of view: Friends is totally different from travel mates.

Friendship formed is usually from common background (school or work) & interests.
But I have to say, not every friends, have the same travel interests, opinions, funds to travel.

I never travel together with my friends before. Yes, its true.
And my first travel companion (other than my family) is my hubby to Taiwan.
The pros of travelling with him, I don't have to worry about anything as I know he take care all of them.
The cons of travelling with him, he always have his points of view but of course he always give in to mine :)

How I met my travel mates?


Hubby & I travelled to New Zealand together in 2011.
Along the way, we met different travellers from all around the world
but we never have chance to travel with them.

Then, fate brought us to this group of friends from the same Kiwi packhouse.
Since all of us on working holiday & tight travel fund, we share cost of travel.

We don't mind dorm sharing with other travellers. We don't mind shared bathroom too. We walk instead of taking taxis in the cities. We don't mind go on a public transport (Bus) with the locals on a roadtrips. We always have fun time going on our own & more interaction with the locals instead of tour companies. We love backpack!!

Our first trip together, carpool to Rotorua on one weekend (Smells like rotten eggs everywhere!)
We had luge ride & went for mud bath :)

6 of us. From the left: Hubby, me, Kaka, XueYing, JJ, Ashley during end of Autumn

And we also went fishing on off days! 

At Tauranga jetty

We also went 15,000ft skydive, bungee & snow experience at Taupo.

Us in Skydive suits. The far right is Maki from Japan. Hubby not a fan of adrenaline rush in his veins. Haha.

Before bungee jump :)

Hubby, me & Ashley, JJ @ Taupo. With Tongariro mountain far behind us.

Snow experience on Winter


Some of them still trying to catch up with happening life in Malaysia but We girls decided to go on another backpacking trip.


Yoga pose at Angkor Wat

We girls at Smiling Buddha & bought the same pants at Cambodia for that day!


The backpacking spirit never left us. So here we go, another backpacking holiday. This time, JJ joined us. And XueYing better half, Bobby joined us too.


We walked 3km in the rain to see this Dalat Old Railway station. Strike a pose in raincoats!

Being silly is good!

Us in front of Notre Dame Cathedral, Saigon

We always got each others back ;)

2011: Rotorua Skyline, New Zealand
2012: Bayon, Angkor Wat, Cambodia
2013: Dalat, Vietnam
2014: To be continued.... :)

Its almost a week since our Vietnam trip, I still haven't fully recover myself from the holiday moods. Am looking forward to our next backpacking trip. Its going to be a long 2 weeks trip with lots of trekking. Some say, they are going to get married, and as for me, I wish to have my own kids. So, we'll see from here. :) 

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