Saturday, October 26, 2013

I flew half of the globe!

Hi all,
12 hours time difference from Malaysia time.
So when its 8am here, it would be 8pm back at home.

So here is my route all the way here,
From Malaysia to Singapore, which i have around 10hours of stopover, met up with friends for hawker lunch & heavenly high-sugar dinner at Swensens before heading to airport.

I only reached airport 2 hours departure and was lucky enough to go through all securities and immigration swiftly. 

Im on board!! Flying with British Airways Boeing 747-400 for the first time, mixed feelings of excited and nervous run in my veins flying this long journey all by myself.

If you want to fly from Singapore to London, try Emirates huge and spacious A380 but with stopover at Dubai and arrived at Gatwick Airport.

My 13 hours flight:
The flight is not full, maybe due to Autumn/Winter season so less people flying, I assume?

Every 3 seats occupied by 2 persons only. So I get to take additional pillow and empty space for my stuff.

I put on my winter sock & merino hoodie as I board on plane. Keep me warm enough throughout the flight.

In flight entertainment

The pathetic looking beef noodles & pickles

White wine served

When I woke up...

Sausage & eggs for breakfast!

They served two meals, beef noodles for late night dinner and sausage eggs for breakfast! Had some wine which put me to better sleeping mode on.

Throughout the night, air stewards will come on by serving water. A plus for me! :)

Arrived the Heathrow Airport on time at 5am local time. Immediately went to the National Express self ticketing counter which is on your left after baggage collection.

National Express is a coach transfer between the airports and even provide bus/train services to in United Kingdom and some other country. 

£25 one way ticket to Gatwick Airport because my next flight is from there. The waiting station is just in front of te exit gate of the airport. I actually go around asking and only to find out it just outside the main gate.

Cool windy morning & while waiting for the coach, I chatted with a lady who is going off to Scotland to attend wedding. And all this while she is working in New Zealand. She is so kind, trying to help me with my baggages and show me ways when we arrived at Gatwick airport after 1 hour drive. She wishes me Good luck and safe trip before we go separate ways.

Waiting time is tough, but then immigration and securities is quick process! My next flight gate not shown until 10.15am so I tried my luck with internet! I obviously cannot live without it. 45min of free internet provided at airports and you able to reconnect after expired time.

The whole airport and restaurant was so packed! Im spoilt with healthy light breakfast choices at EAT! Kill rest of my time window shopping at duty free before I board thr next plane to Barbados!!

Mixed berries granola & yogurt!

My next flight to Barbados with British Airways

Beef casserole, bean salad, chocolate orange mousse, mini coke & red wine. Sinful meals served!

Heading to Barbados!

Snack time! Chicken caeser sandwiches & tea!

Frost at -61deg on hot noon!


I managed to capture this just before landing! 

6 hours flight to Barbados, touch down at 3pm. My next flight is 9pm, oh gawddddddd.... another 6 hours to kill!! I started to feel my body fuel is draining!!

Landed at Barbados!

Evening, lookout from Barbados departure hall. 

Boarded cramped small plane to Trinidad & Tobago with Caribbean Airlines. Its not professional at all when the air stewardess keep laughing and not paying attention while making in flight announcements. *shake head*

To my dismay, after my an hour flight, my next and ah, finally the last flight to catch of the day to Guyana delay till after midnight. Gosh!! You can imagine how hungry I am, no shower for 2 days, airport wifi connection is poor and I have to stay wide awake all throughout because I have hand luggages with me.

I finally relieved when I board the last flight. Feeling excited again because Im going to see Hubby soon after months away from each other when he left to work during February.

Feeling disappointed at the same time, because Caribbean Airline plane not tidy up! They had some leftover lunchbox tucked underneath the seat in front of me. Yuck!

And yes, another an hour flight!
I have finally reached Guyana around 2am!!

And having my first-time-ever tough immigration to pass through. The officers giving me bad times and im the last person to leave the custom and baggage collection. I was pissed off and arguing with the officers!! And it passed 3am!!! &#!&$#!@!

Hubby is patience enough to wait me at the airport waiting area. By the time I reach Hubby's place, its already sunrise! Damn, I just keep non stop complaining the custom officers!!

2 days of flyings. Blame my hormone, stressful indeed.

p/s all photos taken from my Note 3.

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