Saturday, October 05, 2013

Im officially on holidays!

Im currently in Barbados departure hall awaiting for my next transit flight to Trinidad & Tobago. And from there I will have another round of transit to hubby's place.

Now im 12 hours behind the Malaysia time and fly half the globe, wow!

Travelling need alot of lucks and guts. You must have both! I still have few hours to pull through and its about 2 days of transit. I must say im exhausted transiting from one airport to another, different time zones, different seasons and cultures.

Here, I thank God for his protection and guide me all the way. I thank all my friends for the blessings and I thank my Lucks and helpful people along the way.

An amazing 2 days alone!

I'll try to blog more soon! :)

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Vincent Quek said...

What a feeling! Good luck, Sylvia!