Saturday, November 16, 2013

Thoughts on Humanity

* This post may be sensitive for some of you. Do feel free to "X" from the browser tab!*

*I may not be an expert im writing, this blog is merely for sharing purposes with not-so-good-grammar english! Haha!*

With the inspirations around me, from the day I'm born into this world (thanks to daddy & mummy for unconditional love showers endlessly), somewhere in the Borneo island (Sarawak, Malaysia).

I may not have a degree from University, partly I'm doing part time for Accountancy (ACCA) after my diploma (which I still yet to complete the course) & working full time with my love-hate job in an audit firm.

Lots of travel plans! Married to the World Best hubby who never fails to show me the meaning of life! Despite of constant long distance relationship, he always put a smile on my face at the end day!

I never stop thanking God. Yes God, He is Great.
Grateful for all the good and bad in my 26 years on Earth!

A new Chapter of life is just a block away (a month to go for Year 2013!)

My inspirations as mentioned above, urge me to write this post, mainly from the humans around me, or those livings.

Some people tends to say this:

Why you love to travel to those poor countries?  (South east asia) OR its dangerous to go that Country! OR oh, why so you choose to stay at dorms instead of comfy hotel with 5 stars service since you are on holiday? OR  why dont travel to Paris or Italy since you have enough funding?

I had tons of them to answer. But, I will answer it in "General" way!

Firstly, I want to share what changes my mind on how color of skins can raise so many different thoughts about them. God created us all equally. Even some countries try to draw clear lines in between races, which I thought is full of nonsense and stupidity they portrait themselves.

When I travelled all the way down to South America (Latin America), I must admit, I didnt look up much information about the surrondings.

Therefore, when my trip from London Gatwick to Barbados (Caribbean island), I started seeing more dark skinned around me. I believe most of them is Brazillian and Indian. I started to have uncool thoughts that ring my mind from I heard around.

Whether in plane or at airport terminals, I find them, just like you and me, nothing evil nor dangerous. Or you might say I'm just lucky!

A smile, a please or thank you is way how you get to know the soul! Consequently, this prove humans tend to judge a book by its cover! So wrong!

Getting along with the two locals, a housekeeper and a cleaner for about a month. I began to realise more wrong assumptions made. Other than their usual loud talkings, which seems more like "threatening" talkings to me, I don't have any other issue on them. They are both very nice, chatty and lots of stories telling!

Even at Hubby's office, the locals will just greet and smile! Nobody will give you that sort of whatever face! They make me feel this is one of the happiest places of earth!

Like any other countries in the world, there is some places with high crime rates, so better to stay out and trust your six sense!

The World is so huge that I'm truly in luck with the chance to experience life in totally different countries twice especially I'm from Asia! (First, New Zealand!)

The riches of life from the people make me more eager to explore the rest countries of South America like Bolivia (which claimed to be one of the world poorest country) , brazil (which claimed to be one of the world dangerous cities)

Secondly, I love to visit economically poor countries! Yes, you might think they are poor in many ways but I assure you, they have the riches in life when you see through their soul! They never fail to give their best smile that warm your heart, feels like home!

Ask youself, what's your "life" achievement excluding the materials  you possesed.

I doubt that, even me, in this technology-influenced and two-faced " corporate" human world can really get a good answer for that question!

I visited the Cambodia, the children at Angkor Wat area, trying hard to sell souvenirs to tourists. What they surprised me is, they are intelligent to learn & speak in foreign languages (some that I know is Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, English) to earn a living! They don't steal! I look highly on those people who try their best to achieve something in life without losing themselves.

I remembered, when we are on tuk tuk to Cheung Ek Killing Field, stopped at traffic light junction, the Cambodian on tuk tuk beside us having some snack from clear plastic bag, unsure of what was it, my friend peek over, they are so kind to offer us to have some. Actually, its mango! Haha!

Always remind yourself that everyone is born with an innocent heart! Its up to which perspective you see from!

Third-ly, I don't blame those around me for being materialistic or trying hard to compete with each others! OR I say they are jealous! For me, that's your life and you are in control! Live the way you want without over-pressured yourself!

I actually thinks when you get to see the world from different perspective, you'll be in awe! God creations is much more interesting! So much more to see rather than man-made materials!

For sharing purposes, some young adult family in Malaysia only earn combined income about RM5,000 a month (about USD1,500). Properties price is forever-increasing! An intermediate double storey cost from RM500,000 onwards in Kuching. And not to mention super expensive cars after 150% tax by Government! Even RM50 (USD15) for groceries won't last a week!

Increased inflation rates and high interest rates on loans, truthfully, every low or middle income household struggle every month! Any unforseen short of funds will only increase debts (credit cards!)

My advice, be wise in your spending! Always ask youself, is it a wants or needs?

Also, don't go compete or jealous with each others!

What I see from my surrounding: "A" got a new thousand dollars "working-wonder vacuum cleaner" and "B" stretching the budget just to get one with reason, everyone has it!

Or, "A" got a new car.  One week later, "B" mentioned about making the deposit for new car! Woohoo!

Typical Asian kiasu attitude! Yes, I know I'm asian too!

Oh you, just be yourself! God created us to be special in our own ways! ;)

Lastly, negativity and revengful only worsen your relationships! 

"How much is your skydive & bungy package?"
So I answered.
"Not expensive leh!" Is the answer from that person.

No, I'm not offending anyone here. My thoughts, everyone sitting on the same table over lunch, but everyone has different level stretch of budgets. Some words like "not expensive lah/leh" is sensitive to be used around! You might have that funds but don't go boasting about it. Nobody likes it at all!

I had someone once told me, "Why you bother go searching for cheap houses with poor people like us?  You should just buy those million dollars house!"

Hello? That's sarcasm! You only make a fool of yourself when you said that! Also, we are searching for cost-effective that offers equal benefits to us? it's silly spending million dollars on house, loans continue to be paid by next generation with overstretched budget that can't get me even a cheapo holiday to KL!

I get lots of Why this and that questions that end with sarcasm! Nobody wants to have negativity chi around! Fengshui!

Being revengful is never good for both body and soul!

Especially higher Corporate levels of human! Aha!

Humans greed for power and money! Part & parcel attitude aye?

I see how cruel one can be!
I see how one keep the matter in heart to return for revenge!
I see how one an create chaos just to give himself some entertainment.  Maybe he/she bored!
I see how one only thinks of himself/herself which don't results benefits to oneself!

They leave no exit for you sometimes. Or they kill without much hesitation!

Bear in mind, karma will goes in circle! GOOD deeds will come back. So does bad ones!

Not on you, but your next generation or someone close to you perhaps, which will stab you terribly deep within. Once you realised it, too late!

I understand nobody realised it so soon! Unless, someone guide you! That will always be God, if you open your heart and pray!



Vincent Quek said...

Thought-provoking and insightful piece, Sylvia. Very well done. And yes, I fully support what you said here. It's not the skin lour that matters; it's the character. I enjoyed reading this.

Vincent Quek said...

*skin colour.....