Saturday, October 18, 2014


Namaste! (hello means from Nepal!)

Wow, I just realised last post is in Year 2013.
And we're in the last quarter of the Year 2014. Oops!

I'm still in holiday mode even back for almost 5 days!

And yes, everytime I just back from the trip, I'll say, I miss that Country.
No exception for this Country, too beautiful. Beautiful scenery, beautiful people, beautiful cultures.
I love it there!

If I were to rank from my previous experiences travelling to South East Asia Countries (Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and Nepal)

I must say, this round, my no. 1 is Nepal followed by no.2 Cambodia.
You, two, I definitely go back for more.

Highlight of my Year 2014 is my Nepal trip.
Will blog more about it. Yes, I will.

Total 11 days trip with 5 days of trekking, highest to Everest View Point, 3895m.

People tends to ask why didn't we trek till Everest Base Camp?
Because, we bought the air tickets a year ago, which we didn't have the thought of making to the EBC as we don't have sufficient days of leave to go on such long trip. EBC required about 2 weeks or 14 days to complete it.

We are proud to have make it that far and should be one of the best choice we made. Other trekkers we met along the way, they told us trekking up to Namche Bazar, its the toughest steepest route to Base Camp if compared with the Annapurna region.

I would love to share pictures for now.
View from the roof top of Asmita B&B. City of Kathmandu in early morning 6am.

The Everest, in the middle. Ama Dablam on the right.

Namche Bazar, 3440m

Fewa Lake, Pokhara

Annapurna Himalayas Region. Fishtail.

The perfect shot of Sunrise of the Himalayas and the town from Sarangkot.

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