Thursday, January 11, 2007

Damn emo.

I feel like crying whenever
it comes across my mind.
My home feel so quiet all in sudden.
He is gone.
Not gonna be around anymore.

My dad finally called up the dog catcher
early yesterday morning.
Took away our dear Beethoven away.
Nice name for him.
Coz he looks a lil like the St Bernard dog
when he is just a lil pup.
He's been sick for quite sometimes.
Skin and ear disease get worst.
Visiting the vet & medicines
just cant help him any further.
No choice but to have him sent away.
My dad told us Beeth is crying & barking loudly
when they tried to pull him out from the cage.
It's so sad.
*tears rolling down my cheek...

He has been with us since he's a lil pup.
Though he is just a normal local dog.
He looks much more different than them.
His colour. His size. And his cute face.
And we all do love him so much.
Even took quite number pics of him.

Looking back at those pics last night
made me more weak.
I cried myself to sleep.
Swollen eyes were what I got in the morning.
My collegues thought I din sleep the whole night.

According to my dear,
he said those dogs caught by the MBKS
dog catchers will be placed at Bintawa.
*Im not sure whether it's really there or not...
Every Friday they will inject the dogs with sickness
FIRST with some kind of medicine.
Then the dogs will be left to die.
30 min left.
And it's Friday.
I just cant help myself.
So wish to him one last time.
I keep wondering what is he thinking right now.
Does he miss us very much?
Does he think why we sent him away?
Does he want us to bring him back?
So many questions about him in my mind.
He sure miss us. Very very very miss us.
If he can come back home now,
he must be very happy wagging its tail.
It's impossible anymore.
My dear Beeth will be gone soon.
I wish there's someone who is willing to
take care of him. Cure his sickness.
I dont wish him to gone forever.
If he has someone to look after him,
Im okay with him. I will not be so sad like now.
Can feel needles piercing my heart.
I keep thinking it's at the back garden.
Always go to the back garden to check if he's there.
I still cant accept it that he's not here anymore.

*Pray for him that everything will be ok.
May he has better life in another world.
And I love you dearly, my Beethoven*

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