Saturday, January 27, 2007

im back here again!!!

it's been such a long time i neglect my blog.
sorry guys ;)
got over my emo*, my dear doggie.
load of work pile up in the office.
& busy helping my mum spring cleaning
bcoz chinese new year is just around the corner.

Had a hard time for us bcoz
we were thinking what to have for dinner.
Checked out few lil posh restaurant in the town.
We ended up in Frappe at Travilion.
Drop in Magazino before heading home
bcoz Hua need to meet his friends :(

Did lil shoppin' with Hua & my sister again.
Bought a new jeans for New Year.
Got myself a new black eyebrow pencil.
Know why i need that?
Went to France & Taipei for photo shooting.
The make-up artist plucked off my eyebrows
until they were so short.
I looked damn weird.

Cant wait for tomorrow!
Im gonna have my hair perm at Cutting edge.
My 1st time to try out other hair saloon.
I've only been to ONE hair saloon for 19 yrs.
That's my dad's friend hair saloon.
Hahahahahaha :P
You guys must think that im crazy.
So im pretty nervous about it.
Still dunno what perm i should do.
Spa perm. Korean perm. Or Japanese perm.
Anyway, i'll let them choose for me.
They might know what suit me the best.
Hope my hair perm turn out nicer
than those i got before.

Short update.
Thanks for wasting ur time reading it!


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