Sunday, January 07, 2007

Im Back!!!

A fun & adventure company's trip to
Gunung Gading National Park
with a few of my collegues & their family

The beautiful expanse of mountainous rainforest
2 hours drive away from Kuching.

November to January are the peak
blooming months for RafflesiaIm back!!!
but we didnt get the chance to see it
because they still cant find any of them
blooming at the moment
this is the staff told us when we reached there.
Checked-in to our 2 Forest Lodges
booked & paid few weeks before.
Due to less ppl turn up for the trip,
because their children were sicked
we all occupied the first lodge.
It's a 3-bedroom chalets, up to 6 persons
2 bathrooms & toilets.
A kitchen with utensils provided.
A family hall and barbecue pit.
Guess how much is the lodge?
Only RM150!!!
OMG. It's so cheap.
Unpacked my 4 bags in my room.
2 bags were filled with foods.
1 bag with all my clothes.
The sling bag with magazines & novel.
Imagine it.
Some people thought I gone crazy
because we only go for 2 days 1 night trip.
We went for the Waterfall Trail
which took 1 hour to reach the 7th Waterfall.
The shortest trail.
It's long winding way up through the forest
past series of waterfalls.
Uneven path made me tired out easily.
Plus my new Nike sports shoes got
so much dirt on.
*so so so sad*
We only went to the 1st Waterfall.
Tough enough to reach there.
It took me quite sometimes to
get myself all wet.
Icy cold water is really cooool~
*Pics of the 1st waterfall will be uploaded soon*
After spending almost whole noon
at the waterfall,
all of us headed back to our lodge.
Im the only one walked back
without any shoes on.
Bare foot.
I washed the dirt of my sport shoes
And I dont want to get it dirty again
because the wet soil stained on it easily.
Walking on those tiny rocks,
branches, dried leaves,wet soil.
Amazingly, NO cuts, bruises or anything.
*Thank God (:
Had our dinner at Lundu.
It's weird.
None of the coffee shops or
any food centres do their business in the night.
Only one.
The Happy Seafood Centre.
*Im not sure about the name. Maybe it's the correct name*
Butter prawns and Crabs
are always my favourite*
HsiuChing wanna play Monopoly
when we got back to our lodge.
I was too tired after the Waterfall trail walk.
Throwing myself on the bed
reading novel that I havent finish.
*Cafe Tropicana*
So, she ended up in her bf's room.
They had the hostel type of room.
The hostel almost look like a Longhouse.
4 rooms. 2 share kitchen.
1 ladies' and 1 gentlemen.
A hall with tv.
They played Monopoly whole night
until HsiuChing spent her night
at his place.
Alone in my room.
Tossed around in my bed whole night.
Cant sleep. Cant get use sleeping alone.
Eye-bags were so obvious.
Woke up damn early.
7 am.
because my collegue children' kept
bangging & shouting "Che che, wake up liaw"at my door.
Breakfast with all of them.
Headed to Pandan Beach
which is just nearby.
*Gonna upload pics too*
After check-out,
we did went to Sematan Beach.
This beach is much more beautiful.
Clean & clear blue water.
I love it.
I failed to take pics of it.
My camera run out of battery.
I guess that's all about my trip.
So sleepy right now.
Lazy to continue blogging.

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