Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Last day

No more HsiuChing in the office.
So there'll be no more
lunch-ing together,
rushing to office in the morning,
stuck in the massive traffic jam,
get lil lazy when boss on travelling =x
Im gonna miss her much.

We both get employed last year in Dec.
I was so relieved to have her working with me
because all my collegues are guys.
At that time, we're the only 2 girls in the office
So we see each other for more than 8 hours
if we're working overtime.
So you will understand how much she meant to me.
Without her in the office, im so damn lonely.
No one to talk to. No one to have lunch together.

I've been so forgetful this morning.
You know what?
I left my car unlock for 8 hours at my office!!!
I din even know it even when
Went for lunch at the nearby coffee shop.
I only realised it after 5pm,
Talking to Hsiuching near my car,
I pressed my car button & it locked!
We two stared at each other. Gosh...
Really LUCKY my car is still there.
None of my things gone.
At that moment, I felt so relieved.
I kept wondering what if my car gone or
what if everything inside my car gone.
Sure I will get scolded by my parents.
They will be very angry at me.
I was so scared by this incident.
I will NEVER EVER left my car unlock.
Promise myself I will check it twice.

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