Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Im looking forward ;)

Valentine's day is just 14 days away.
*ever received valentine's pressie but never
spent it with anyone

Chinese New Year, 18 days.
*Need more $$$ to save for rainy days.
Im declared BROKE now... :(

My exam results, 19 days.
*Gosh... dun even dare to think so much bout it.
I just hope that I passed those 2 papers.
Or else I'll be wasting my $$$ again....

My Bday ;) 36 days!!! yipeeeee!!!
*I love pressie!!! Hope this Bday can be
a better one than last year.
Wish to celebrate with someone (:

No-no straight hair for me now.
Dont like my natural straight hair.
And I do Japanese perm this year.
I love my hair in curls!!!
but it's still a lil dull with
my original black hair colour

Anyway, Im gonna have it colour
in one more week time!

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