Monday, December 24, 2007

In christmas mood* ;)

Though I finished my exam,
still find no time to log on net.
Lack of posts in my blog. Oops.
Sorry bout that ;)

Just came back from holiday shopping
with my family at KL last night.
Such a looooooong years we have not go on holiday together.
Stayed in Cititel, which made our shopping much more easier.
We can bring our stuff to the hotel if our hands "overloaded". lol.

Midvalley North Court

*Oops! half of the tallest christmas tree top gone :p

Midvalley Centre Court

Centre Court with the fairies.

This is soooooooo pretty & natural ;)

Us with the fairies


Siew Ling & I.
We arranged to met up at midvalley the next day she arrived.
When I'm with her and her sister walking around the mall,
her darling gave her a surprise, called and told her that he's in KL airport.
Ohhh... so sweet ;)
They have been together since F3.

Santa Claus must have dropped this bag from his sleigh!!
But it dont looks like lotsa presents in there too... :p


Snowman ;)

The christmas decoration I love the most is @ 1 Utama.

Isn't it lovely?
Heart the toy soldier ;)

Us with the "real" toy soldier. Tee hee.

Well, well...
I'm declared "broke" for this month.
I spend $$$ on my new baby, Sony DSC-S700 digital cam!
I know, it is not expensive stuff but bought it with hard earn cash leh...
Happy to get a xmas present for myself ;)
New asset added into my "company". hehe.

I also spend so much on shopping in KL.
Not like a little girl anymore who always need to
ask permission from parents when I want to buy something.
I can grab what I want, what I like, pay for my own stuff. *evil smilE*

Got 3 pairs of shoes for myself.
One for working. One for formal. And one for casual.
Got myself a working bag from Polo.
Got it 50% of the actual price at Metrojaya ;)
Got myself accessories (necklace, earrings, etc.)
Got myself clothes, of course!!
Bought a Lillian Too & Jennifer Too Fortune & Feng Shui 2008 Rabbit.
I think Kuching still don't have that book in the store.
Plus it's much more cheaper in KL.

I'm a christian but still a chinese.
I still believe in little feng shui and am supertitious sometimes.
It's worth reading book for self knowledge ;)
27 minutes to 00.00
25th December 2007.

Merry Christmas to everyone!!! ;)

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