Sunday, July 18, 2010

My weekend project!

I don’t know when I fell in love with baking (:


But my “rushing-here-and-there” life dragging along “full stop” in my usual weekend baking.


Work life is getting less stressful & packed. ACCA exam results won’t be out until next month. So, I finally have little time to do the things I like.


I love art, music & baking better than what I’m currently study+work. I dislike things to be so systematic, straightfoward & strict rules. Another reason why I’m still stuck in ACCA.


Fiance & I decided to make mini pizzas together this weekend. I’m glad that it turned out yummy though the base is cripsy, like those pizzas in Bella Italia, Kuching.


HOHO! Before getting them into the oven.



Close up.





Ready to be served (: (: (:




Cousin Bernard came by this noon. Gorgeous him studied & work in London years back before his dad passed on. Had been working at Singapore for quite a while, alone + stress. He finally came back to Malaysia a week ago.


He even went to South Africa for the World Cup this year, envy him. And he got us chocolate all the way from Africa (:

Thanks cous!




I dream of travelling to Africa for….

#1  SUN CITY, The Palace of Lost City




#2  Cape Town






#3  The Table Mountain





#4  Experience @ Tree house in urban.



LOL! I gotta stop here & day dreaming away (:



Next update will be on RWMF’10 ;)

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