Saturday, February 04, 2012

Saint Valentine's day is near!

Falls on 14 February, each year.
All the couples will usually celebrate this day together,
and the restaurants & flowers price will HIKE a lot just for that day!

I never splurge to celebrate Valentine's day,
both my hubby and I think it's a waste.
Because, we feel that, not only on Valentine's day we should go out and
celebrate, buy each others gifts & dinner together, we can do that any other ordinary day.

Usually, we will have simple dinner & have a stroll down the busy city watching the others celebrating that unique day.

But of course, this doesn't apply to everyone else! so just go & celebrate it with your love ones!!!
*Not restricted to boyfriends*

I've found a few promotion around Kuching & wish to share it right here. Show your love in style! <3

#1 Damai Puri Resort & Spa. *SPLURGE*
The Balinese dinner for two under the hut attracts me! I love to dinner that way, some day (:

#2 Pullman Kuching *SPLURGE*

#3 Merdeka Palace Kuching *SPLURGE*

#4 Hilton Kuching *SPLURGE*
Pardon me, this is a little bit too small. But
For enquiries or reservations, call us them at Tel: 082-223 888 or


#5 Sharing Planet Kuching *BUDGET*

Boyfriends & girlfriends, do show your love & appreciation everyday too! Then, everyday will be a Valentine's day <3

Lots of love. Cheers!
From me.

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